My New Barefoot Shoes – Vivobarefoot Gobi II

Ever since I have started this blog in May 2012, I have been interested in barefoot walking. Unless I could walk on beach sand all day long, real barefoot walking is far from practical given our urban lifestyle. That’s why I have looked into barefoot shoes with very flat shoes which provide most of the benefits of walking barefoot while keeping the feet injury-free. My Previous Barefoot Shoes So far, I have owned two different pairs of barefoot shoes: Leguano Premium and Merrell Vapor … Continue reading

Developing the Habit of Warming Up Properly

I like to recall a quote that has stuck around with me that I first heard from Doug McGuff: “You Win By Not Losing.”   Lots of trainees don’t make the progress they wish to see for the simple reason that they get injured. It sounds so logical on paper: You cannot get better if you are injured! And yet in real life, one might think that a lot of people working out implicitly wait for injuries to occur. Why? Because … Continue reading

“The Internet Loves You” – October 2014

Human Benchmark – Reaction Time Test - if you perform well in this test, it probably means you had restorative sleep Just Work - Ross Enamait goes beyond the notion of just sets & reps, as long as you show up, work hard, challenge yourself each time a little bit more, you will become stronger Science of Steroids - excellent breakdown on how steroids work and what kind of athletes benefit from them Adam Raw | Ancient Alchemist Breakfast – Mixing home-made raw … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Mass Gaining Shake

I thought it would be interesting to share a video where  I present my “Peanut Butter Mass Gaining Shake” I have been drinking twice daily right after my biggest meals. The rationale with this shake is to create caloric surplus each training day to help your body recover better and grow more muscle. It is often debated forth and back, but I think that food is the ABSOLUTELY number #1 limiting factor why people stall in the gym and don’t … Continue reading

Why Men Should Ejaculate Less

Time Mismatch Between Male and Female Orgasm All too often, the duration of sexual intercourse depends heavily on how long it takes the man to ejaculate. As every sexually unsatisfied woman will tell you, this wouldn’t be much of a problem provided that men were able to resist the need to ejaculate prematurely. As you can see from the graph, roughly 3 minutes is the average arousal time it takes for a man to reach his climax and ejaculate. Men’s … Continue reading

Stop Watching Online Porn

Young guys need to understand that internet porn is seriously fucking up the fine-tuned hormonal balance in their brain every time they watch some hardcore gang-raping porn featuring some hot bitches getting fucked in kinds of holes. Most guys will never ever come close to having crazy sex orgies like the stuff they are regularly watching on the porn sites. And this is where the real problem lies: Your personal sexual reality does not match the reality of what you … Continue reading

“Sunray” Exercise for the Rotator Cuff (Video)

I recently got myself a bunch of elastic bands with different levels of resistance. The main reason I bought them is to use for warming up and doing mobilisation exercises before workouts. What I like the most about elastic bands is that you can sustain an isometric contraction of the muscles which is harder to accomplish with free weights. The bands also do a great job at getting blood moving quickly into the muscles and achieving a nice pump. (sidenote: … Continue reading

Back to Basics: “Modern Peasant’s Diet”

  I have recently moved to Copenhagen, Denmark to pursue a MSc in “Medicine & Technology” at the Technical University of Denmark. So far, the city has been wonderful – offering an incredible bike lane infrastructure, charming neighbourhoods with laid-back locals, people with a great taste for fashionable clothes, and supermarkets full of EXPENSIVE FOOD! Check out this cool statistical comparison of prices between Copenhagen and my hometown Berlin to realise that Copenhagen is kind of pricey. Back in Germany, … Continue reading

“The Internet Loves You” – September 2014

In this edition of “The Internet Loves You” I want to start off with Cal Newport’s “deep habit” of taking the time to plan your week in advance and not getting side-tracked by all the distractions that are thrown at us each day. 1) Deep Habits: Plan Your Week In Advance 2) How I Work: The FAQ Along the same lines, Brett McKay (founder of shares his work methodology and how he is able to churn out such a wealth … Continue reading

“Spirit Molecule” – My Personal DMT Experience

Note: The account below represents my own personal experience of trying out the strong psychedelic substance DMT. Let it be clear, I am NOT endorsing others to try out it themselves.  What is DMT? It’s my understanding that DMT is probably the strongest psychedelic compound found on our planet. DMT is widespread in nature and can be found in numerous (legal) plants. For millenia, indigenous Amazonian cultures have utilised DMT for healing and spiritual purposes in a special brew called Ayahuasca. … Continue reading