Understanding Your Muscular Potential

I want to discuss the topic of reaching your muscular potential. In our modern-day bodybuilding generation, no topic deserves more attention than this one. Many trainees starting out with proper training are deceived by the freakish bodies of elite bodybuilders. They are led to believe that they too can build a Ronnie Coleman or Kai Greene physique. No matter how many mega doses of steroids and growth hormones they are willing to inject into themselves, to think they too can … Continue reading

6 Week Fat Loss: “Lean & Jacked Program”

Time to get ultra ripped & lean. As I mentioned in my previous post, Winter Sleep Is Over – Time to Ramp Up Your Conditioning, warm weather is returning and summer time is about to strike. Over the winter I worked hard on building my physique and ate food ad libidum like an unstoppable tractor. This food destruction lifestyle culminated in my bodyweight shooting up to 88 kg (193 lbs) at the beginning of March. However, as the warm season forces … Continue reading

Winter Sleep Is Over – Time to Ramp Up Your Conditioning

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but where I am at here in Berlin, winter has ceremoniously been burried away and luscious green has brought nature back alive. With the revival of spring also returns my drive to spend more time out in nature doing fun sport activities. In my case, that’s Ultimate Freesbie, playground calisthenics, car pushes and most importantly – beer-drinking with my mates in the park. In my post on Staying Conditioned Over the Winter, … Continue reading

Stop Fucking Comparing Yourself with Others

There is nothing wrong with admiring others who are better/smarter/stronger than yourself. Everybody can probably attest to the phenomenon that spending time with such people makes you improve faster than spending time in an environment full of losers. This is why I have argued in the past that Finding People Smarter than Yourself can be an effective strategy to improve yourself intellectually. Sophia Loren comparing herself with genetically blessed Jayne Mansfield. However, comparing yourself with others and trying to emulate their results is … Continue reading

“The Internet Loves You” – April 2014

 1) I recently discovered Derek Redmond’s inspirational story from the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Being injured myself at the moment (ski accident 1 month ago), this video resonated well with me and wanted to share with readers here as well. Embracing Failure doesn’t always have to be as painful as Derek’s injury but sometimes life just hurts. 2) Pete Rubish on Drug Use Side Effects 3) Extensive List for Barefoot Shoes 4) 7 Reasons Why You Should Dump Your Socks and … Continue reading

What Constitutes An Ideal Day for Me?

In the past few days, I have been contemplating what it is that truly makes me happy. Long-term happiness is not achieved by thinking about it. You have to live it. Year by year. Month by month. Day by day. And this is where the vision of my ideal day comes into play. Here’s the list of elements that are part of an ideal day for me (ideally structured in the order from waking up to going to bed):   … Continue reading

Embracing Failure in Life

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” ~ Michael Jordan   Most people like to focus on being successful as much as they can. In pursuit of trying to excel in their domain, they are often taken by surprise when they are suddenly not successful and failure hits them. Everyone will agree that failing at something sucks. Failure doesn’t feel good and it decreases our self-confidence. However, I like to argue that failure … Continue reading

Increasing Your Work Capacity

It baffles my mind that there are still trainees out there who think that every time you enter the gym you will be able to hit PRs and lift heavier weights than in the previous session. Anybody who has trained seriously for a number of years has probably hit some kind of strength plateau at one point and knows that strength gains can be very tedious to come by. Rather than getting frustrated with this inevitable lack of short-term progress, … Continue reading

Homemade Corn Tortillas

Why not simply buy pre-made tortillas from the store, I hear you ask? Well, because the satisfaction you get from using your own hands and skills to create something as basic as a tortilla is worth the effort. Similar to painting or sculpting, I consider cooking to be an often neglected art form. Because I don’t respond very well to gluten, for the past 2 years I haven’t eaten bread for the most part (except for mom’s traditional homemade sourdough … Continue reading

Delicious Poached Eggs Lunch

This quick lunch literally takes no more than 15 min of prep time. Delicious, nutritious, satiating, and helpful with fat loss. I just recently discovered the method of poaching eggs for myself and that’s how I have been preparing my eggs in the past few weeks. Frying up eggs or hard-boiling them all the time can make it a bit dull at times. So I am glad about adding in the poached eggs as a way to vary the way … Continue reading