“Sunray” Exercise for the Rotator Cuff (Video)

I recently got myself a bunch of elastic bands with different levels of resistance. The main reason I bought them is to use for warming up and doing mobilisation exercises before workouts. What I like the most about elastic bands is that you can sustain an isometric contraction of the muscles which is harder to accomplish with free weights. The bands also do a great job at getting blood moving quickly into the muscles and achieving a nice pump. (sidenote: … Continue reading

Back to Basics: “Modern Peasant’s Diet”

  I have recently moved to Copenhagen, Denmark to pursue a MSc in “Medicine & Technology” at the Technical University of Denmark. So far, the city has been wonderful – offering an incredible bike lane infrastructure, charming neighbourhoods with laid-back locals, people with a great taste for fashionable clothes, and supermarkets full of EXPENSIVE FOOD! Check out this cool statistical comparison of prices between Copenhagen and my hometown Berlin to realise that Copenhagen is kind of pricey. Back in Germany, … Continue reading

“The Internet Loves You” – September 2014

In this edition of “The Internet Loves You” I want to start off with Cal Newport’s “deep habit” of taking the time to plan your week in advance and not getting side-tracked by all the distractions that are thrown at us each day. 1) Deep Habits: Plan Your Week In Advance 2) How I Work: The FAQ Along the same lines, Brett McKay (founder of artofmanliness.com) shares his work methodology and how he is able to churn out such a wealth … Continue reading

“Spirit Molecule” – My Personal DMT Experience

Note: The account below represents my own personal experience of trying out the strong psychedelic substance DMT. Let it be clear, I am NOT endorsing others to try out it themselves.  What is DMT? It’s my understanding that DMT is probably the strongest psychedelic compound found on our planet. DMT is widespread in nature and can be found in numerous (legal) plants. For millenia, indigenous Amazonian cultures have utilised DMT for healing and spiritual purposes in a special brew called Ayahuasca. … Continue reading

Brutal Ab Workout for Travellers

Traveling forces you to be creative. Particularly, as I am traveling through a country like Romania, it would my travel experience would suffer greatly if I was to seek out a gym in every new city I went to. That’s why for this trip (and for all other trips in general), I am solely relying on exercises involving bodyweight and exercises that require minimal equipment. Over the past few months I have become a big believer that you don’t need … Continue reading

Personal Update + “The Internet Loves You” – August 2014

Two reasons why this blog has been a bit more quiet over the past few weeks: Reason #1: I had to pass one final big exam to finish my Bachelor’s degree – this is now over and done with. I can now officially call myself a “Biomedical Engineer“. I will be moving to Copenhagen, Denmark at the end of August to pursue a 2/year Master’s degree in “Medicine & Technology“. Reason #2: I am currently backpacking through Southeastern Europe making … Continue reading

Using the Total Work Factor to Measure Workouts

I took a small break from blogging these past few weeks. But now I am back. It must have been during one of my workouts that I stumbled upon a neat method for measuring your workouts that I don’t see much talked about in fitness circles. Not a lot of trainees record their progress in the gym. However, if they do, they usually follow the conventional method of tracking weight, sets, and reps. Nothing wrong with this method but personally … Continue reading

“The Internet Loves You” – July 2014

For the July edition of “The Internet Loves You” I want to present Adam Raw from the Czech Republic. Adam is a beast – not only aethetically but what’s beyond impressive is the feats he can perform at a bodyweight of 93 kg (205 lbs). Just like myself, Adam is 24 years old and stands 185 cm tall. But I am 83 kg and I can’t perform half of the things he can. People like to boast about how much … Continue reading

Homemade Protein Pancakes

I love pancakes – European pancakes. Like those huge thin French Crepes. Ever since I was a child, every single Sunday my mom would prepare those delicious pancakes for breakfast that I would routinely fill with mind-blowing homemade marmelades. Or top them with fresh strawberries + whipped cream and roll them up into a tube and devour up to 10 at a time. Though delicious, my mom’s pancakes are made with white wheat flour and have very few nutrients to … Continue reading

Tom Platz Explains How to Build Huge Wheels

When you think about some of the greatest legs in the history of bodybuilding, any knowledgeable person will immediately point to Tom Platz’ absolutely mind-blowing leg muscles. Of course, Tom has freakish genetics and took his fair share of steroids to get his legs growing, but he most certainly knows one or two things about training intensity and old-school tips to get those quads and hamstrings growing. In the video below, German bodybuilder David Hoffman taps into the incredible wealth … Continue reading