Are You Texting Or Training?

What I saw in the gym today, trumped everything that I have been noticing over the last year or so. While I was mentally psyching myself up for a new 1 Rep Max on my Front Squat, I cannot but notice 4 guys sitting on a bench each right in front of the dumbbell racks. Literally, as I look over, all 4 guys simultaneously have their heads bent over and keep staring at their  stupid fucking smartphones. Rather than being 100% present … Continue reading

Why Protein is the Only Macronutrient I Bother Counting

Don’t Become a Neurotic Food Weigher Too many books written, too many debates fought, too much time wasted arguing about the most ideal amount/percentage of macronutrients and calories to achieve the most optimal natural muscle growth. For me personally, if I had to count and weigh all the food I consume on a daily basis, I would literally go insane and become clinically OCD about it. I think it makes sense for somebody starting out on a new way of eating to … Continue reading

30-Sec Free Handstand – Video

Ever since my last update on Mastering the Freestanding Handstand I have made some decent progress on getting to a freestanding 60 sec handstand. As you can see in the video, I am able to keep my body more tense which allows to maintain a hollow body position for longer. My head position is still not ideal but that habit of tilting my head is hard to correct. One of the things I am still struggling with is to get into … Continue reading

“The Internet Loves You” – March 2015

For the first two months of this year I didn’t post anything for monthly post of “The Internet Loves You” because I didn’t spend much cyber time on the internet and was traveling instead. However, this month the claws of the internet monsters have dragged me back into the grind and into its maelstrom. Anyway, these are the things I found interesting this month: One of my favourite powerlifters talks about how “Social Media Takes Over Your Life”. After essentially … Continue reading

Exploring the Art of Vagabonding

This is the second post of the series on “My Trip to Cuba“. Surrounded by pristine Cuban forest wilderness and lying on a shaky rustic wooden bed, I decided to relax after a long day of cycling and listen to THIS podcast with Rolf Potts. Even though I was tired as hell, as the interview went on I increasingly got more excited about what the topic they were talking about. The basic proposition of Rolf Pott’s philosophy is that we … Continue reading

I Am Officially a Killer – How I Knifed My First Pig

This is the first post of the series on “My Trip to Cuba“.   Besides the small frog I had tortured and killed at my grandma’s country house when I was 8 years old, I haven’t killed any substantially-sized animal in my life. Well, this all changed recently in an far away deep forest in Cuba  when I took the life of a 22-kg pig by stabbing an old rusty knife directly into its heart. Watch the video below if you aren’t too … Continue reading

Article Series: My Trip to Cuba

In the past two months it has been quite around this blog. The main reason behind my silence is that I went traveling. More specifically, I brought my own bike to Cuba and cycled 1600 km around the island for one entire month. In this series of posts on my Cuban trip, I want to share my experiences and the lessons I learned along the way. More specifically, I will be writing on the following topics: 1) I Am Officially … Continue reading

“The Internet Loves You” – December 2014

For this edition, I want to bring your attention to the idea of being consistent in your eating. Let’s assume you have your diet in check and are clear about your food choices. What it boils down to in the end, you still have to go shopping for these foods and consume them on a regular basis if you want to achieve the aesthetic goals you have set yourself – day in day out. However, that’s usually the hardest part … Continue reading

Still Bulking + Creative Christmas Workout

I am back with a BAAMMM!!! I apologise for not posting much for the last month. I had been very busy with my uni exams and bartending work. However, amidst all this, I still had training and diet high up on my list of priorities. I am still in bulking phase with my bodyweight up at 88 kg. Obviously, I am not as lean as during my cutting phase during summer (I am probably around 12% bodyfat at the moment). … Continue reading

“The Internet Loves You” – November 2014

For this month’s theme of “The Internet Loves You“, I want to bring your attention to Cryotherapy. With cryotherapy, a person gets exposed to super low temperatures (around -120 Celsius) for a very short duration. The biggest benefit of this kind of medical therapy is that it lowers inflammation in the body, e.g. in a joint or muscle tissue. There are not many cryotherapy centres around the world, and there is no one near me here in Copenhagen. However, my … Continue reading