THE 21 CONVENTION: A Men’s Conference to Help You Become the Best Version of Yourself

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UPDATE: The full speaking list for the 21 CONVENTION has just been released to the public. A list packed with many high quality guys. You can find the list at the end of this post.

„Become the Best Version of Yourself“

These are the words representing the mantra of this website.

The articles I post here primarily focus on fitness & nutrition as well as on relevant hacks related to lifestyle and self-improvement. However, becoming the best version of yourself encompasses something far greater than just fitness & nutrition. The truth is that they only constitute one part of the puzzle that eventually leads to the fulfillment of your own potential. But there’s other factors that are equally relevant on your quest to become your best self. If you are a young man and are transitioning into real male adulthood, you have to develop competencies in things like building solid male/female relationships, being socially intelligent, developing a witty business mind, understanding your own belief system, advancing your own self-actualisation etc.

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If I had to recommend an event that would help young men achieve some of the qualities I mentioned above, the first thing that would immediately come to my mind is the 21 CONVENTION. The creator, Anthony Johnson, has been pouring his heart and soul into organising this event ever since he launched it in 2007. He never fails to assemble a great speaker line-up who have greatly influenced my own personal beliefs. After hosting the event for 5 years straight in different countries (USA, Great Britain, Australia, Sweden), Anthony took a business break in 2013.

For the upcoming event in Tampa, Florida (24-26 October 2014), he has been able to assemble a very impressive speaking list. He has asked me not to reveal the names here yet but trust me – good stuff waiting for those who are going to personally attend the event.

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming Tampa event:

Now, I don’t always agree with the ideas that Anthony has on fitness & nutrition – and that’s fine! And you know what, I am glad I don’t always agree with him because disagreement is what drives debates and questions your own belief systems.

However, what I greatly appreciate him for is that he is just as much a biohacker as I am. I have a lot of repsect for his love of self-experimentation and pushing the boundaries on his own development as a man. Most of all, I appreciate the guts and passion he has to continually organise a tremendous event like the 21 CONVENTION. The various 21 CONVENTION events that have been held over the years have undoubtedly taught many young men develop important life competences.

There is a maximum of 55 people who can attend this event. The registration price for the whole event is $1499. You can save $150 off the normal price from 25 June (9 AM ET) – 29 June (9 PM ET). If I have sparked your interest, click on the link below for all the remaining information and for registration (if you register for the event through the link below, I will receive a small commission):


Be sure to watch my most favourite video of all the conventions. Doug McGuff is a very smart person whose ideas on High Intensity Training (HIT) in his book „Body by Science“ taught me a lot about how the body works and what going to muscle failure means. You can read my original post HERE.

Full Speaking List

1. Anthony Dream Johnson

2. Socrates – keynote speaker (relationships)

3. Brent Smith (dating/lifestyle)

4. Greg Swann (philosophy)

5. James Marshall (dating/lifestyle)

6. Steve Mayeda (dating/lifestyle)

7. Bill DeSimone (exercise)

8. Skyler Tanner (fatherhood)

9. Sasha Daygame (dating/lifestyle)

10. James Maclane (dating/lifestyle)

11. Nick Sparks (dating/lifestyle)

12. Dr. Doug McGuff M.D. (health/philosophy)

13. Drew Baye (exercise)

14. Don Watkins (philosophy)

15. James Steele II Ph.D. (exercise)

16. Dr. Eric Daniels Ph.D. (philosophy)

17. Ed Aiken (self defense)

18. Dr. Ellington Darden Ph.D. (exercise)

19. Edward Druce (career/entrepreneurship)

20. Dr. Paul Jaminet Ph.D. (health/nutrition)

21. Damien Diecke (dating/lifestyle)

22. Robbie Kramer (dating/lifestyle)

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