Results After 5 Weeks Without Dairy

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I decided to go dairy-free for 30 days on 20 Sep 2013 – more than 5 weeks have passed ever since. During that time I slipped only once – enjoying luscious dairy ice cream in Seattle. Other than that, I was pretty strict with myself and generally didn’t find it too hard to avoid dairy. I guess this is due to the poor dairy quality in Vancouver as well as the unwillingness to pay galactic prices for higher quality dairy products.

My main motivation was purely for economical reasons. In addition, I had wanted to see if there are any proteins in dairy that I may be allergic to it. The hope was that my skin appearance would imrpove as a result. It turns out, not consuming dairy did absolutely nothing for improving my skin. Before I did the experiment, I knew that I tolerated dairy very well. Upon reintroduction of a lot of cottage cheese and ice cream, I didn’t notice any changes in my digestion or well-being. This is a clear confirmation that I tolerate dairy very well.



Skin Improvements with Less Omega 6 & More Omega 3

With that said, however, my skin did improve. I accredit that mainly to ingesting fewer Omega-6 fatty acids (i.e. less olive oil and less peanut butter). At the same time, I was dilligent about taking 4 grams of Cod Liver Oil each morning. As a result, my skin has cleared up considerably. Previosuly, I had noticed positive changes in my skin after taking 2 grams of Cod Liver Oil before. However, these effects wore off after about 2 weeks. This time, I may have found my right dosage (i.e. 4 g/day) which I am happy to ingest if it keeps my sking clear.

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