Acupressure Yogi Mat

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Landscape of Pain

Landscape of Pain

This is a quick and easy hack to relieve muscle tension, enjoy better sleep, wind down after a stressful day or simply to relax through meditation. It’s the Acupressure Yogi Mat which has become a permanent ally in my fight against tense muscles and too much stress.

I agree – the spikes don’t look really welcoming and enjoyable. When you first use it, it will likely hurt for the first few minutes while lying on it. However, once you get used to the „pain“, your body will learn how to relax very quickly. After some time you won’t feel the spikes digging into your skin and you can focus on your breathing.

You can try it out virtually any body part you have. I personally like to step on it with one foot and move around until I don’t feel the pain anymore. That’s a bit more advanced because your whole bodyweight is distributed on only one sole only.

The classic position is to simply lie on it with your naked back. I get the most relaxation benefits from that position. Back in the days where I used to sleep on the bare floor, I once decided to sleep on the mat for an entire night. Waking up next morning must have given me the greatest stiffness in my back I have ever experienced in my life. I had clearly surpassed and gone way beyond the effective dose.

For those who work out, stimulating the muscle areas with the spikes is a really effective pre-workout tool to achieve some increased blood circulation in these areas. It’s also great for post-workout as it takes some of the tension out of the muscles which have just been worked.

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