Article Series: My Trip to Cuba

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In the past two months it has been quite around this blog. The main reason behind my silence is that I went traveling. More specifically, I brought my own bike to Cuba and cycled 1600 km around the island for one entire month.


In this series of posts on my Cuban trip, I want to share my experiences and the lessons I learned along the way. More specifically, I will be writing on the following topics:

1) I Am Officially A Killer – How I Knifed My First Pig

2) Exploring the Art of Vagabonding 

3) Cuba Hates the US – But Not US Diet Policy

4) Lessons Learned From Traveling 2.0


If you are interested in viewing the pictures I took during my trip, check out the two albums below. The first album contains general impressions I captured of Cuban culture and daily life. The other one has a selection of portraits that I asked Cuban people to pose for:




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