Being A Coffee Snob

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Without a doubt, the importance of coffee in our society cannot be denied. Anywhere you look, people are guzzling indescribable amounts of coffee each day. Coffee can be seen as another addiction many people have developed over the years. I don’t blame them for it because I admit that I am addicted to coffee as well.

Now, I don’t have a problem with people drinking much coffee. In fact, I adore the taste of freshly brewed coffee and the effects it has on my productivity. Coffee can save your day when you got too little sleep the night before.  I even like to call myself a Coffee Snob and I advise you to become one as well.

What I do have a problem with though is the quality of coffee people accept as the daily norm. Be it pre-ground cheap filter coffee from the supermarket or the most hyped coffee extravaganza from Starbucks and the like, let’s face it: most coffee brands these days offer shitty coffee quality to customers who don’t know any better.

Why am I so critical of the quality of coffee? Because like anything we put in our mouth that eventually gets absorbed by our body, bad quality coffee will quite logically have bad effects on the body. My experiences with bad quality coffee beans include having weird headaches, symptoms of jittery nervousness and an increased addiction to this bad stuff.


Find a Local Roaster

I went on to change that by finding a local coffee roaster who currently supplies me with incredible high-quality single origin beans from their selected range of local coffee farmers who are based in Honduras, Brasil, Guatemala and others.

Knowing exactly where your coffee comes from, how it has been processed and roasted to a quality that makes coffee an indispensable tool for biohacking my productivity, is a worthwhile investment into my future. It eventually boils down to experiencing the end result in your favourite cup and seeing how the ingredients inside the coffee make each day special.


Caffeine – Health Benefits

Enhancement of cognitionUsing the caffeine inside the coffee bean to your advantage may have following benefits:

  • Enhanced cognitive abilities

  • Increase of testosterone levels

  • Fat-burning properties (due to increased thermogenesis of your body)

  • Decreased hunger (–> more fat loss)


In addition to the positive stimulating effects coffee has on our nervous system, there have been numerous studies that suggest that coffee consumption may extend your longevity and prevent a range of brains diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson etc. However, you won’t reap these potential health benefits by sticking to your bad quality coffee brand (or the disgrace of Nespresso capsules).


Coffee + Butter = Happiness

One more thing: if you have to add tons of sugar and milk to your coffee, the quality of your coffee batch is probably quite shitty. Have your coffee black or add a bit of heavy whipping cream to it.

Or try this amazing recipe by mixing black coffee with some butter (or coconut oil) and blending it altogether. The resulting creamy throf will produce an overwhelming sensation to your palate.

And NO – the fat from the butter won’t give you a heart attack. But that’s for another article.


Aeropress Coffee Maker

I have used numerous coffee makers – from the simple Espresso maker to the most sophisticated Italian portafilter machines – none of them compare to the AEROPRESS. It works like a French Press and is dead simple to use and clean.  Many well-established baristas swear by the excellence and simplicity of an Aeropress. Give it a shot and let me know your experiences.

Now take action: dump the coffee on your kitchen shelf, find a local roaster, add some butter to your coffee and enjoy the health benefits.

In the end, every biohacker should also be a COFFEE SNOB.






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  • Robert

    Thanks for the great idea – coffee with butter! Must try it. And you bet I will try the aeropress. However, I doubt it can beat a real espresso…
    From another perspective, I think drinking coffee is just a luxury habit. We do not need coffee to function well. Just like we do not need hundreds of other things in our lives! In my opinion, it’s always worth bearing in mind what is essential and what is a luxury. This helps to have a more realistic and true perspective on life. In our times, with millions of brands advertising so that we reach out for them, everything seems necessary. Newer cars, bigger homes, designer clothes, new more and better and more value and cheaper and better deal and much much more. Fantastic single blend coffee included. And what we really need is a passion in life and some people to share it (life, I mean)!
    However, just one last comment, I personally prefer to have less of something but of better quality than a lot of junk! So, I go for your excellent coffee and thanks for making me think on what kind of black juice I actually drink. You think what they have in all these network coffeeplaces like starbucks (in poland the one much more popular is the local coffee heaven) is packed with chemicals? I have seen organic coffee in shops but never tried it. I’m off, enough nonsense! (have to try the coffee butter mix)

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