Better Productivity with Less Coffee More Often

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Talk about Caffeine Buzz

I am a Coffee Snob who is addicted to caffeine and the taste explosion of a freshly brewed cup – and I make no secret of it. I home-roast my coffee beans. I don’t travel without my Hario grinder and Aeropress coffee maker. Gosh, I have even started snacking on coffee beans.

Anyhow, most people (coffee snobs included) drink coffee to gain that extra cognitive edge and get more stuff done during the workday. Doing mindless tasks with caffeine buzzing inside your system is just so much more bearable.

Below I want to share a quick & dirty biohack that will noticeably boost your coffee-induced productivity:


„Rather than guzzling coffee in large quantities infrequently, it is advisable to ingest low doses of caffeine more frequently. „


20-200 mg caffeine per hour probably has the biggest cognitive-boosting effects. A cup of brewed coffee has roughly 100-150 mg caffeine inside. So, rather than loading up on 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning, you could spread out the caffeine load more evenly across the morning.

As I am currently studying for exams, I just have a small cup in the morning and then use my thermosflask to sip on coffee frequently lasting me till 2 PM or so. This allows me to sustain a high level of focus and I don’t get  the classic post-caffeine drowsiness.

Wanna learn more about the topic, check out THIS excellent writeup by neuroscientist, Eric Barker.

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