Bigger Lacrosse Ball – „The Orb“

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Ideal for smashing the lower body

Ideal for smashing muscles of the lower body

Restoring „Sliding Surfaces“

My training these days as intense as never before. Besides eating enough and giving my body sufficient rest & sleep, deep tissue massage is a crucial part of sustaining this kind of training lifestyle. I have previously written about how I use my Lacrosse Ball and Foam Roller to keep my deep muscle fascia from adhering and keep my, what Kelly Starrett refers to, „sliding surfaces“ functional. The latest addition to my collection of „torturing tools“ is „The Orb„.

The tightest and most adhered muscle surfaces lie in my hip, glute and quad area. While I like using the small Lacrosse ball on my glutes and lower back, I found that due to its small size it digs too aggressively into my quads. On the other hand, if I sit on the Lacrosse ball to restore sliding surfaces in my hamstrings it’s too small to dig deep enough.

The Orb fills that size gap just perfectly. I got the 5″ (=12.6 cm) diameter version. But you can also get the 7″ model which won’t be as aggressive as the 5″ counterpart. I have only tried a few times but it’s ideal for the IT band, calves, hamstrings and quads. The stiffness of the material isn’t too harsh and the 5″ version is really lightweight.


Barbell Quad Smash

Another incredibly effective method I have learned from K Starrett to restore the sliding surfaces in my quads, is the so-called „Barbell Quad Smash“. It amazes me that I didn’t come up with it myself a lot earlier because it’s such a simple hack and each gym has at least some kind of a barbell.

You can get the basic idea of how it works below. I love using the barbell because it’s heavy enough (20 kg) to generate enough surface pressure on the quads. It also gives you the option to add weight to the barbell to increase the pressure applied. I have recently started adding a 5 kg plate to the bar smash my quads even harder.

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