Brutal Ab Workout for Travellers

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Traveling forces you to be creative. Particularly, as I am traveling through a country like Romania, it would my travel experience would suffer greatly if I was to seek out a gym in every new city I went to. That’s why for this trip (and for all other trips in general), I am solely relying on exercises involving bodyweight and exercises that require minimal equipment.

Over the past few months I have become a big believer that you don’t need fancy and expensive fitness equipment of a gym to get into phenomenal shape. To prove my point, check out the video below where I show how I used a regular hotel towel and pillow to get an ab workout that I am still sore from 2 days later:

Next time you find yourself trapped in a hotel room, go grab a towel and a pillow and get those abs burning.

If you have discovered any other exercises that require minimal equipment and that are great for travellers, please share them in the comments!

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  • Denis

    Great exercise ! When I was travelling (backpacking) in Indonesia, most mornings I did bodyweight circuits :
    – Push-ups (many variations, weighted with backpack on the back)
    – Tricep Dips using the two beds
    – Squats (Jump, Bulgarian Split, …)
    – Plank/Moutain Climber
    – Bicep Curls using my backpack

    With imagination you can stay in shape pretty easily while travelling!

    • Denis

      and Pull-Ups wherever I could find a bar!

      • Stephan R

        Your list sounds cool.

        I have also found it useful to use holidays to focus on just one specific movement. For this holiday I was doing handstand almost daily and that did a lot in me coming closer to my freestanding handstand.