Calculator: Maximum Lean Body Mass

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UPDATE: If you are a hard gainer/ectomorph, use the following Online Calculator to determine your maximum lean body mass.

In the post „Understanding Your Muscular Potential„, I presented a mathematical formula from Casey Butt’s e-book „Your Muscular Potential“. Based on a few body measurements, the equation calculates the MAXIMUM LEAN BODY MASS a drug-free bodybuilding trainee can maximally attain after years of hard training.

This is a powerful formula because a trainee gets a pretty accurate idea of where his maximum muscle potential lies. The maximum amount of lean muscle mass you can carry on your frame is largely determined by your genetics which you cannot change.

If you are too lazy to use the formula to learn about your MAXIMUM LEAN BODY MASS, check out the calculator below that will do just that for you:


If you want to know what your total bodyweight would be at a given body fat level, plug in the values into the below formula:


Now you have no  excuse not to know what your MAXIMUM LEAN BODY MASS is. Share it in the comments.

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  • Jonathan Wahl

    Hey Stephan!
    Cool, vielen Dank für den Online-Rechner!
    mit den Werten bin ich sehr zufrieden… Jetzt gehts ans (weiter) trainieren

    Danke auch noch für den Buchtipp :)


    • Stephan R

      Freut mich, dass es dir helfen konnte. Was sind deine Stats?

  • MikeWittmann

    I do have an excuse. My „Maximum Lean Body Mass (in pounds)“ was 7 lbs.

    • jingles

      Mine was 56 and I’m a disabled 180lb/5’2 woman… the heck?