Better Productivity with Less Coffee More Often

I am a Coffee Snob who is addicted to caffeine and the taste explosion of a freshly brewed cup – and I make no secret of it. I home-roast my coffee beans. I don’t travel without my Hario grinder and Aeropress coffee maker. Gosh, I have even started snacking on coffee beans. Anyhow, most people (coffee snobs included) drink coffee to gain that extra cognitive edge and get more stuff done during the workday. Doing mindless tasks with caffeine buzzing … Continue reading

Home Roasting Coffee with a Popcorn Popper

Motivated by the article from Michael Allen Smith on, I have begun home roasting my own coffee beans using a cheap second-hand popcorn popper. Professional roasters may cringe at the idea of roasting high-quality green beans in a popcorn popper but the popper gets the job done with little effort involved and so far it has produced decent results. Even though I am a coffee snob, I can settle for slightly less perfect roasted beans knowing that I roasted … Continue reading

Resetting My Caffeine Sensitivity

So it’s this time of the year again where I am almost done with my university exams. All my studying has been greatly facilitated by a daily dosage of caffeine, namely coffee. I have also tinkered with Snacking on Coffee Beans which has helped my mental focus in the later afternoon hours by getting a slow and steady caffeine influx. While drinking coffee (I usually do one cup of black each morning) and eating the beans are useful biohacks during high … Continue reading

Snacking on Coffee Beans

As I am currently deluged with a multitude of exams as part of my Engineering degree, I need to stay cognitively alert for most of the day. I am really trying to minimise energy dips by eating clean (keeping the carbs moderate) and trying to make sure that my brain performs at a consistently steady level throughout the day. For that purpose, I have started chewing on roasted coffee beans while immersing myself in the material I need to study. … Continue reading

Being A Coffee Snob

Without a doubt, the importance of coffee in our society cannot be denied. Anywhere you look, people are guzzling indescribable amounts of coffee each day. Coffee can be seen as another addiction many people have developed over the years. I don’t blame them for it because I admit that I am addicted to coffee as well. Now, I don’t have a problem with people drinking much coffee. In fact, I adore the taste of freshly brewed coffee and the effects it has … Continue reading