„Lean & Jacked 2015″ – Diet Finished

Last week, the 2015 edition of my „Lean & Jacked Diet“ came to an end after 6 weeks of dieting. Like in 2014, I wasn’t dieting for a bodybuilding contest or a special Day X. My motifs for becoming lean and jacked were more for personal reasons as I wanted to explore what dietary interventions it takes to take my body to low body fat level (~7-8%). Starting Weight: 87,8 kg (18 May 2015) End Weight: 85,0 kg (25 June 2015) … Continue reading

„Lean & Jacked 2015″

After last year’s first edition of my „Lean & Jacked“ program, I am back in 2015 ready to get shredded for this summer season. If you have missed my pictures when I was the leanest I have ever been, check them out HERE. See my article from Christmas time 2014 when I was bulking heavy and pushing towards a bodyweight of 90 kg. This year, it’s going to be close to 6 weeks of dieting again but this time it goes from 18 … Continue reading

Are You Texting Or Training?

What I saw in the gym today, trumped everything that I have been noticing over the last year or so. While I was mentally psyching myself up for a new 1 Rep Max on my Front Squat, I cannot but notice 4 guys sitting on a bench each right in front of the dumbbell racks. Literally, as I look over, all 4 guys simultaneously have their heads bent over and keep staring at their  stupid fucking smartphones. Rather than being 100% present … Continue reading

30-Sec Free Handstand – Video

Ever since my last update on Mastering the Freestanding Handstand I have made some decent progress on getting to a freestanding 60 sec handstand. As you can see in the video, I am able to keep my body more tense which allows to maintain a hollow body position for longer. My head position is still not ideal but that habit of tilting my head is hard to correct. One of the things I am still struggling with is to get into … Continue reading

Still Bulking + Creative Christmas Workout

I am back with a BAAMMM!!! I apologise for not posting much for the last month. I had been very busy with my uni exams and bartending work. However, amidst all this, I still had training and diet high up on my list of priorities. I am still in bulking phase with my bodyweight up at 88 kg. Obviously, I am not as lean as during my cutting phase during summer (I am probably around 12% bodyfat at the moment). … Continue reading

Mastering the Freestanding Handstand – Video

One the fitness goals I have been pursuing in the past few months is the Freestanding Handstand. The goal is to hold a static freestanding handstand for 60 seconds at the end of the year. It’s one thing to building strength and mass by adding more weight to the bar. It’s an entirely different thing to learn how to balance your body by improving muscle coordination and motor control. While I am still all about getting stronger by moving higher … Continue reading

Developing the Habit of Warming Up Properly

I like to recall a quote that has stuck around with me that I first heard from Doug McGuff: „You Win By Not Losing.“   Lots of trainees don’t make the progress they wish to see for the simple reason that they get injured. It sounds so logical on paper: You cannot get better if you are injured! And yet in real life, one might think that a lot of people working out implicitly wait for injuries to occur. Why? Because … Continue reading

„Sunray“ Exercise for the Rotator Cuff (Video)

I recently got myself a bunch of elastic bands with different levels of resistance. The main reason I bought them is to use for warming up and doing mobilisation exercises before workouts. What I like the most about elastic bands is that you can sustain an isometric contraction of the muscles which is harder to accomplish with free weights. The bands also do a great job at getting blood moving quickly into the muscles and achieving a nice pump. (sidenote: … Continue reading

Brutal Ab Workout for Travellers

Traveling forces you to be creative. Particularly, as I am traveling through a country like Romania, it would my travel experience would suffer greatly if I was to seek out a gym in every new city I went to. That’s why for this trip (and for all other trips in general), I am solely relying on exercises involving bodyweight and exercises that require minimal equipment. Over the past few months I have become a big believer that you don’t need … Continue reading

Using the Total Work Factor to Measure Workouts

I took a small break from blogging these past few weeks. But now I am back. It must have been during one of my workouts that I stumbled upon a neat method for measuring your workouts that I don’t see much talked about in fitness circles. Not a lot of trainees record their progress in the gym. However, if they do, they usually follow the conventional method of tracking weight, sets, and reps. Nothing wrong with this method but personally … Continue reading