Increasing Your Work Capacity

It baffles my mind that there are still trainees out there who think that every time you enter the gym you will be able to hit PRs and lift heavier weights than in the previous session. Anybody who has trained seriously for a number of years has probably hit some kind of strength plateau at one point and knows that strength gains can be very tedious to come by. Rather than getting frustrated with this inevitable lack of short-term progress, … Continue reading

Cherry Juice to Reduce Muscle Soreness

Why Does Cherry Juice Work? Cherry juice to reduced muscle soreness? It sounded a bit like broscience to me when I first heard about it. However, research has found significant differences in muscle soreness after administering tart cherry juice to runners and testing the results with a placebo group.  Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS) can be largely explained by mechanical damage to the muscle fibers at a microscopic level. In particular, eccentric exercise (i.e. lengthening of muscle) is thought … Continue reading

You Don’t Grow In the Gym

Why You Are Not Making Gains Those who lift have probably at some point in their training life experienced the following: you work out like crazy, maybe 4-5 times a week, make an extra effort to make it to the gym, perform multiple exercises per muscle group – and yet with all that extra training you are not making any significant gains (size or strength). It’s not that you are not working hard enough in the gym. Many trainees simply … Continue reading

My Home Gym

I don’t train in a commercial gym. I train on my own at my home gym with no glitter, no fancy machines and nobody to show off to. I like to hype myself up with loud music, get nasty with Big Compound Movements, and forget about the world and get away from everything for an 1 hour 3 x times a week. Welcome to my hell hole where the real magic happens:

Shoulder Biohack: Weighted Shoulder Dislocations

„Preventing injuries is way more fun than having to treat the symptoms of an injury that has already occurred.“   Below is a video where I demonstrate an incredibly effective mobility exercise called the Weighted Shoulder Dislocation. This warm-up exercise doesn’t take long but it’s helpful at warming up the shoulder joint (i.e. rotator cuff) before any pressing or pulling exercises. HERE is another article that I wrote about other warm-up exercises to keep the shoulder healthy & wealthy. If … Continue reading

7 Biohacks to Bigger Legs

Arguably, my legs are my best developed bodypart. Thanks to my dad, I have been blessed with very fortunate leg-muscle genetics. This means that opposed to my upper body, especially my quads respond very well to exercise. The following list of biohacks is for those with shitty genetics and those struggling to build size and strength in their wheels: 1. Using Compoud Lower Body Exercises Doing endless sets of leg extensions and lying leg curls can be useful but will only … Continue reading

Squat to Increase Testosterone

People don’t like to put in the hard work anymore these days. Walk into any commercial gym and you will see guys curling in a squat rack, doing machine lateral raises, chasing endless sets of pushdowns etc. It’s not that these isolation exercises can’t be used effectively in a program. But if you start your workout with these exercises there is a big chance you are not getting bigger because you are still weak on the big basic movements. Now, … Continue reading

Squat Challenge – „Bring Sally Up“

Crossfit is an interesting beast. There are good and bad things about it. I won’t be addressing the bad things because there are too many. Instead, I will focus on a squat challenge I stumbled upon which was originally posted by Crossfit Champion Rich Froning. After watching a video of others completing the challenge, I was hooked and wanted to see for myself how painful the experience was. The challenge involved playing the song Moby’s „Bring Sally Up“ and back … Continue reading

Coaching with Rick Kaselj to Fix My Pain

Who Is Rick Kaselj? A few days ago I had the privilige to get a one-on-one coaching session with Rick Kaselj. For those who don’t who Rick is – he is a Kinesiologist and one of the most well-respected Injury Specialist in the fitness industry. He is considered to be among the top guys when it comes to specifically treating rotator cuff injuries. On his website, he has released a ton of helpful e-books geared toward tackling specific injuries. His emphasis … Continue reading

Staying Conditioned Over the Winter

Winter is around the corner. It’s that time of the year where people’s metabolic conditioning takes a steep ride downhill due to shorter days, shitty weather, and more time spent sitting indoors. No matter what excuses you have not to be in tip top shape year round, it does’t take a lot to stay conditioned over the winter. Below is a list of exercises that will get your lazy ass off the couch and will seriously leave grasping for breath. They … Continue reading