Fixing Your Push Pull Ratio

Most guys I see in the gym love to push. Be it the bench press, variations of the DB press, pushups, squats, leg presses etc. The emphasis here is on developing the anterior muscles where most dominantly the pecs and less so the quads take center stage. Muscles on the front side of the body are what many people consider most worthwhile training. Unfortunately, the quest for a bigger chest is mostly fuelled by an obtrusive ego which leads to … Continue reading

My First Ever Ring Muscle-Up

Ever since moving to Vancouver I have started doing gymnastics at UBC. I want to share my first ever muscle-up I have completed after many futile attempts. It’s not the most beautifully executed muscle-up but with more practice it will become a lot cleaner and not a grinder like this one. Also, please note – my form is relatively strict as opposed to the extreme kipping muscle-ups predominantly used in Crossfit.

Bigger Lacrosse Ball – „The Orb“

Restoring „Sliding Surfaces“ My training these days as intense as never before. Besides eating enough and giving my body sufficient rest & sleep, deep tissue massage is a crucial part of sustaining this kind of training lifestyle. I have previously written about how I use my Lacrosse Ball and Foam Roller to keep my deep muscle fascia from adhering and keep my, what Kelly Starrett refers to, „sliding surfaces“ functional. The latest addition to my collection of „torturing tools“ is „The … Continue reading

How Injuries Can Be A Bliss

The title of this post will raise quite a few eyebrows among readers. These days, there are many people who battle the symptoms of incurred injuries. Although injuries are painful and have a negative association, an injury can also be a very eye-opening and insightful experience as the person is forced to learn about the affected area and discover the body in a completely new dimension. Many people don’t pay much attention to how their body functions unless they have … Continue reading

Acupressure Yogi Mat

This is a quick and easy hack to relieve muscle tension, enjoy better sleep, wind down after a stressful day or simply to relax through meditation. It’s the Acupressure Yogi Mat which has become a permanent ally in my fight against tense muscles and too much stress. I agree – the spikes don’t look really welcoming and enjoyable. When you first use it, it will likely hurt for the first few minutes while lying on it. However, once you get used … Continue reading

My Current Workout Routine

Here’s the template that I currently as part of my workout routine. I have been following this plan since a few months and (with some adjustments here and there) it has worked rather well meeting my two goals: putting on muscle, setting rep PRs, and getting conditioned (to some extent). Always focusing on one or two big movements per each workout. Nothing fancy, kind of old skool programming. Some conditioning on Tuesday and Saturday but nothing too crazy. My main … Continue reading

Spending More Time Above Baseline

There is a tendency among guys (and girls) who work out to spend more days below their baseline. Everyone’s baseline will be different but essentially it represents the foundation of your base strength and working capacity. You should essentially be able to perform almost any time of the day. What I mean by spending more time below baseline is that the capacity to recover from frequent brutal workouts is compromised due to too much work executed, poor sleep, bad nutrition, … Continue reading

Warm-Up Routine: Shoulder

It surprises me that so few people pay attention to giving their shoulders a thorough warm-up before going heavy on the bench or engaging in other heavy exercises involving the muscles of the shoulder girdle. About anyone you ask in the gym will testify that they have had some kind of shoulder-related pain that could probably have been avoided by investing more time in a proper shoulder warm-up routine. Personally, I really like doing shoulder exercises such as the Overhead … Continue reading

Time Under Tension (TUT)

Being around some commercial gyms recently I got to witness some insanely stupid lifting techniques. One thing I noticed is that everyone’s idea of building more muscle is to load up as many plates as possible and try to hit some wildly random number of reps for their lifts. Many guys just seem to go for weights that „feel good“ and solely concern themselves with moving the weight from point A to B.   It seems like most of these … Continue reading

Best Massage Therapist: Lacrosse Ball

Many experts in the realm of fitness are emphatic about using lacrosse balls as a tool to reduce muscle adhesions and relieve trigger points. Today I welcomed my first lacrosse ball at my doorstep. I was really excited to give it a try. To say I was blown away by its positive effect on my body would be an understatement. I felt incredibly loose and incredibly mellow after rolling on it.   Working My Way From Head to Toe First … Continue reading