A traveller’s minimalist workout

Most people love to travel. At the same time, most people also love to have a body that is in top shape. However, sometimes these two goals don’t go well hand in hand. When travelling most people push physical exercise aside and neglect to include brief but effective workouts. There is no reason why you wouldn’t use the world as a gym by performing a „traveller’s minimalist workout“. In this post I want to present some super effective bodyweight (BW) … Continue reading

Don’t listen to people, listen to your own body

In today’s age of internet where millions of people share their opinions on all kinds of topics, it is pretty easy to get lost and confused amidst this overwhelming flood of different opinions. In particular, when it comes to health & fitness more and more people struggle to find what is the most optimal solution for them from the internet’s vast pool of information. This phenomenon culminates in a paradox: never before in modern history have we had so much … Continue reading

Go barefoot!

Going barefoot is probably one of the most primal things we humans are designed to do. It activates all the small muscles in the bottom of the human foot and allows hundreds of  nerve endings to function correctly. Walking barefoot distributes the force of your body weight naturally across the feet without the handicap of high heels, plateau shoes, and others. There is no need for the latest running shoes whose heavily advertised shock absorbers are a compromise to what … Continue reading

The value of short daily workouts

Last week I came back from my holiday I had spent in Lisbon, Portugal with a bunch of friends of mine. During my week-long stay, my friend Marcus inspired me to engage in very brief, ~5-minute long body weight workouts. We would walk around gorgeous Lisbon and occasionally stop by to perform a set of pull-ups, push ups, dips, wall sits etc. Finding good workout spots amid Lisbon’s urban environment made us creative. For example we would use construction scaffolding to perform … Continue reading

High Intensity Training & „Body by Science“

Anyone who is serious about doing safe and effective resistance training (i.e. lifting/pushing/pulling heavy weights) will undoubtedly come across HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING (HIT). As opposed to the conventional bodybuilding concept of working out 5 times a week to get a ripped body, the idea of HIT is to make your workouts as short and as intense as possible. Fatiguing your muscles to a degree where no further positive repetition is possible is a sufficient mode of exercise to stimulate your … Continue reading