„Jiro Dreams of Sushi“

Thanks to Tim Ferriss‘ film recommendation in his newly released book „The 4 Hour Chef„, I watched the documentary „Jiro Dreams of Sushi„. Based on 85-year old sushi master Jiro from Japan the documentary offers a fascinating insight into his work ethics and his path to mastery. Jiro’s quest for perfection coupled with his decade-long dedication to preparing sushi has left a deep impression on me. Learning from Jiro’s passion and reading about other masters (see: Robert Greene’s „Mastery„),  there seems … Continue reading

Meats – Name your Organs

I am lucky to have access to an incredible animal farm that’s located just outside Hamburg, Germany. When I buy my raw milk, butter and joghurt from there, I always indulge in the creamy and natural high fat content of their dairy products – just delicious! It always reminds me of my childhood years at my grandma’s in Poland where I would go to the neighbours to bring back a bucket filled to the rim with wonderful tasting milk. Anyways, … Continue reading

Strategic Overfeeding + Ketosis

The massive meal below shows the amount of food I ingested roughly an hour after lifting heavy. This meal consisted of 1kg of white potatoes, 500 g of Brussel sprouts (which are in season now), and a juicy piece of lamb tenderloin. I topped this meal with my favourite treat after a workout: 500 ml of organic Vanilla ice cream. Now, this may seem like a lot of food. But with my goal of bulking up to 85kg, a sufficient calorie … Continue reading

Paleo gluten-free Cake

This is my first cake that falls into the category of being ‚fully Paleo‘. This means that I didn’t use any gluten-containing flour as an ingredient. Instead I partially replaced it with wonderful coconut flour. This flour is low glycemic (that means it doesn’t spike blood sugar like wheat flour), high in soluble fiber, and it contains absolutely no gluten which has had negative effects on me recently. In addition, coconut flour contains 20% protein, including the eight essential proteins … Continue reading

Quick Breakfast

I share this quick, easy to do breakfast recipe that not only tastes heaven but also looks very pleasing to the eye. Remember, our eyes and the way our mind perceives food play a huge role in our eating behaviour. Having some high-quality protein before noon with no carbs will keep your blood sugar level stable and sustain a high level of body energy and mental clarity. 2x egg omelette with various spices added + uncured bacon fried in ghee … Continue reading

Super Nutritious Meal

I love being creative at cooking. I also love taking photographs of food that I created. I don’t follow any rigid recipe templates – I like to experiment with food ideas that pop up in my mind. However, I definitely have my favourites – and this is one of them for sure! ROASTED SWEET POTATOES + GRILLED SARDINES + SAUTÉED SPINACH  This meal is really simple to make and does not take more than half an hour to be ready … Continue reading

The Art of Cooking Well

Food is a fundamental pillar in being a successful biohacker. Providing nutritious foods to your body is critical to superb health and high performance. Almost each aspect of how you feel, look and perform is dependent on what you put into your mouth. I am a passionate cook who enjoys creating wonderful new dishes every day. I love to indulge in home-made cuisine that is simple and yet delicious. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen trying out … Continue reading