„The Internet Loves You“ – October 2015

It’s been a while since I put out my last edition The Internet Loves You. Well, better late than never. The Mr Olympia competition took place a few weeks ago, and incredibly enough 46-year old Dexter „The Blade“ Jackson took 2nd place. Dude is almost 50 freakin years old and still beats all of his younger fellows – that’s unheard of in the history of bodybuilding and big kudos to him. I have found this video of Jackson where he … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – May 2015

As I am in the process of my 6-week „Lean & Jacked 2015″ cutting diet and nearing the end of the second week, I must admit that I have not been as strict as I would like to be with my eating habits. I have been indulging a little bit too much on the fats still – because well, fats make meals taste good! That’s why I haven’t quite made the fat loss progress I would like to see. But … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – March 2015

For the first two months of this year I didn’t post anything for monthly post of „The Internet Loves You“ because I didn’t spend much cyber time on the internet and was traveling instead. However, this month the claws of the internet monsters have dragged me back into the grind and into its maelstrom. Anyway, these are the things I found interesting this month: One of my favourite powerlifters talks about how „Social Media Takes Over Your Life“. After essentially … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – December 2014

For this edition, I want to bring your attention to the idea of being consistent in your eating. Let’s assume you have your diet in check and are clear about your food choices. What it boils down to in the end, you still have to go shopping for these foods and consume them on a regular basis if you want to achieve the aesthetic goals you have set yourself – day in day out. However, that’s usually the hardest part … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – November 2014

For this month’s theme of „The Internet Loves You„, I want to bring your attention to Cryotherapy. With cryotherapy, a person gets exposed to super low temperatures (around -120 Celsius) for a very short duration. The biggest benefit of this kind of medical therapy is that it lowers inflammation in the body, e.g. in a joint or muscle tissue. There are not many cryotherapy centres around the world, and there is no one near me here in Copenhagen. However, my … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – October 2014

Human Benchmark – Reaction Time Test – if you perform well in this test, it probably means you had restorative sleep Just Work – Ross Enamait goes beyond the notion of just sets & reps, as long as you show up, work hard, challenge yourself each time a little bit more, you will become stronger Science of Steroids – excellent breakdown on how steroids work and what kind of athletes benefit from them Adam Raw | Ancient Alchemist Breakfast – Mixing home-made raw … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – September 2014

In this edition of „The Internet Loves You“ I want to start off with Cal Newport’s „deep habit“ of taking the time to plan your week in advance and not getting side-tracked by all the distractions that are thrown at us each day. 1) Deep Habits: Plan Your Week In Advance 2) How I Work: The FAQ Along the same lines, Brett McKay (founder of artofmanliness.com) shares his work methodology and how he is able to churn out such a wealth … Continue reading

Personal Update + „The Internet Loves You“ – August 2014

Two reasons why this blog has been a bit more quiet over the past few weeks: Reason #1: I had to pass one final big exam to finish my Bachelor’s degree – this is now over and done with. I can now officially call myself a „Biomedical Engineer„. I will be moving to Copenhagen, Denmark at the end of August to pursue a 2/year Master’s degree in „Medicine & Technology„. Reason #2: I am currently backpacking through Southeastern Europe making … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – July 2014

For the July edition of „The Internet Loves You“ I want to present Adam Raw from the Czech Republic. Adam is a beast – not only aethetically but what’s beyond impressive is the feats he can perform at a bodyweight of 93 kg (205 lbs). Just like myself, Adam is 24 years old and stands 185 cm tall. But I am 83 kg and I can’t perform half of the things he can. People like to boast about how much … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – June 2014

I was going to be featured in VICE Magazine’s food column MUNCHIES. But unfortunately the author ran out of space, instead dedicating a great portion of the article on Dave Asprey (who I have become very skeptical of). Anyways, still a good article on the biohacking movement: 1) Biohackers Are Turning Meals into Math Across the World 2) Beyond Sugar and Soda: Nutritional Cures for Damaged Teeth 3) Fat loss & muscle gain time lapse: 5 years of diet experiments 4) Vitamin … Continue reading