„The Internet Loves You“ – May 2014

I want to begin this edition of the „Internet Loves You“ with a video that has probably been as inspiring like nothing else I have ever watched on Youtube. Former WWE wrestler, Mr Ultimate Warrior (recently passed away), rants about people who are just alive (as opposed to real LIVING) and makes it clear how passionate he is about PASSION. You will either love or hate him. He definitely has my highest respect for being unfilitered and absolutely honest in … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – April 2014

1) I recently discovered Derek Redmond’s inspirational story from the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Being injured myself at the moment (ski accident 1 month ago), this video resonated well with me and wanted to share with readers here as well. Embracing Failure doesn’t always have to be as painful as Derek’s injury but sometimes life just hurts. 2) Pete Rubish on Drug Use Side Effects 3) Extensive List for Barefoot Shoes 4) 7 Reasons Why You Should Dump Your Socks and … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – March 2014

1) There are many motivational videos out there but this one in particular has struck me like nothing else. „Just because you failed once, doesn’t mean you are a failure.“   2) Dr Rhonda Patrick on „The IGF-1 Trade-Off: Performance vs. Longevity“ Also check out her other great videos HERE. 3) Pursuing Happiness or Meaning in a Career 4) 67 Tips on Happiness, Fullfilment & Life 5) How to Front Squat 6) Micronutrient Experiment – Is It Possible to Get Enough 7) Cardio & Lifting … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – Feb 2014

The first month of 2014 is over. It’s time to wrap it up with the February edition of „The Internet Loves You„. I want to start off with an impressive display of skill and strength by a very, very young gymnastics athlete. 1) Learn How to Use Gymnastic Rings – Basic Ring Strength 1 This kid is a machine. Whenever I don’t feel like practicing on my gymnastics rings, I watch this video. Keeps me motivated. The rings are larger than … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – Jan 2014

The new year has come around – and with it there is a multitude of interesting new posts since my December 2013 edition of „The Internet Loves You“. I want to emphasise Joe de Franco’s excellent flexibility routine under the eloquent name – „Limber 11″: 1) 7 Lessons Learned in 2013 2) Base Building Manual 3) Presentation by Dan John 4) 5 Tips to Gain Weight 5) What If Humans Had Eagle Vision? 6) Quantifying PUFA, Expert Opinion and My Conclusion … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – Dec 2013

In this edition of „The Internet Loves You“ there is a lot of stuff related to mobility, and especially my most favourite muscle group at the moment: the hip flexors. Interesting articles on how to open up the hip and get rid of tightness in that area: 1) Does Excessive Sitting Shorten the Hip Flexors? 2) 3 Ways to Open Your Hips 3) Band Resisted Standing HipFlexion 4) 5 Things You Should Do Everyday 5) Upper Back Mobility – The … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – Nov 2013

Here we go for the second edition of „The Internet Loves You“. This edition has a strong focus on gymnastics, weightlifting and movement in general. Definitely check out the interviews at 1) and 7). 1) Ido Portal’s Philosophy Of Movement By far one of the most powerful Youtube videos I have seen in a very long while. What is the motivation behind your training? Is it to impress somebody or is it to practice movement as a fundamental human component? … Continue reading

„The Internet Loves You“ – Oct 2013

  This is the first post as part of the new series „The Internet Loves You“. Every month I will share my list of internet articles that I found interesting enough to share with people reading this website. Contents will vary wildly but the main gist will always revolve around maximising your human potential. So, without further ado, here’s the first example of how much the internet loves you: 1) Powerbuilding: You Don’t Grow In The Gym 2) Lessons from Dan John … Continue reading