Working for Neurons Inc & Moving to Medellin, Colombia

In the last 3 years, I have never taken as long a break from blogging as I have over the last few months. Since my „Lean & Jacked 2015 Diet Finished“ in June, I just was not feeling the inner drive to write about fitness-related topics any longer. Sure enoug,h, I will still be posting about insights I gain from training, but not with the frequency of the last few years. I also want to use this website more of a gateway … Continue reading

Exploring the Art of Vagabonding

This is the second post of the series on “My Trip to Cuba“. Surrounded by pristine Cuban forest wilderness and lying on a shaky rustic wooden bed, I decided to relax after a long day of cycling and listen to THIS podcast with Rolf Potts. Even though I was tired as hell, as the interview went on I increasingly got more excited about what the topic they were talking about. The basic proposition of Rolf Pott’s philosophy is that we … Continue reading

Article Series: My Trip to Cuba

In the past two months it has been quite around this blog. The main reason behind my silence is that I went traveling. More specifically, I brought my own bike to Cuba and cycled 1600 km around the island for one entire month. In this series of posts on my Cuban trip, I want to share my experiences and the lessons I learned along the way. More specifically, I will be writing on the following topics: 1) I Am Officially … Continue reading

Why Men Should Ejaculate Less

Time Mismatch Between Male and Female Orgasm All too often, the duration of sexual intercourse depends heavily on how long it takes the man to ejaculate. As every sexually unsatisfied woman will tell you, this wouldn’t be much of a problem provided that men were able to resist the need to ejaculate prematurely. As you can see from the graph, roughly 3 minutes is the average arousal time it takes for a man to reach his climax and ejaculate. Men’s … Continue reading

Stop Watching Online Porn

Young guys need to understand that internet porn is seriously fucking up the fine-tuned hormonal balance in their brain every time they watch some hardcore gang-raping porn featuring some hot bitches getting fucked in kinds of holes. Most guys will never ever come close to having crazy sex orgies like the stuff they are regularly watching on the porn sites. And this is where the real problem lies: Your personal sexual reality does not match the reality of what you … Continue reading

Too Much Cortisol Will Mess You Up, Son

NOTE: This is a guest post by new fellow biohacker Chris Black who blogs at This week I went deep into often overlooked things that undermine our quest to improve ourselves, making us feel like when we climb up the muddy hill of self-development we often slide back down. I realised that many of the pitfalls of our lifestyle had one thing in common: they lead to an imbalance of cortisol. This is exemplified in two common problems: industrialized … Continue reading

Waking Up In Between Sleep Cycles

My Sleep Hygiene Sucks Yeah right, sleep matters. Sleep quality matters even more. We all know it and yet often times the first thing we sacrifice when trying to get more stuff done is our sleep. We have no problem abusing our circadian rhythms and thereby disrupting our sleep hygiene by staying up too late, waking up when our phone tells us to or by not sleeping at all. I am guilty of that myself: living in Berlin, arguably the world’s … Continue reading

What Constitutes An Ideal Day for Me?

In the past few days, I have been contemplating what it is that truly makes me happy. Long-term happiness is not achieved by thinking about it. You have to live it. Year by year. Month by month. Day by day. And this is where the vision of my ideal day comes into play. Here’s the list of elements that are part of an ideal day for me (ideally structured in the order from waking up to going to bed):   … Continue reading

Conclusions: After No Soap & Shampoo for 4 Weeks

Exactly 4 weeks ago I decided to do some hygiene hacking and see how my body reacts if I entirely cut out soap & shampoo out of my life for 4 weeks. Here are some of the lessons I learned along the way while experimenting with this kind of soap-free lifestyle:   1. Neither Dirty Nor Stinky Universially, the first reaction I got from people I told about my experiment prompted the question: „Are you not going to be dirty … Continue reading

Slow & Steady Will Always Win

„Slow and steady may not be marketable, but that doesn’t change the truth. Real results take time.“ ~ Ross Enamait   The above quote perfectly summarises my evolving approach to training, health and life in general as of late. I want to encourage you to keep pursuing whatever goal you are pursuing and view it as a long-term journey. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes that will be worthwhile in the long run. It may take years for your … Continue reading