No Soap & Shampoo for 4 Weeks

Time for some self-experimentation: For the next 4 weeks I will completely quit using soap (hard & liquid), shampoo and any kind of moisturising creams & lotions. The only exposure to detergents I will get is from using liquid soap to hand-wash my dishes. For personal hygiene I will be using WATER ONLY. I will keep using baking soda as an anti-perspirant because the idea of this experiment is to quit soap while not smelling bad at the same time. … Continue reading

Why I Haven’t Had the Flu in Years

These days I very rarely fall prey to the regular cold/flu most people experience during this time of the year. I mean I still get an occasional running nose, or a cough that persists 2-3 days – but nothing like in the olden days where I would lay in bed, suffer from sore limbs, feel weak as hell, and be unable to get anything done. Luckily for me, these days are pretty much over ever since I have experimented with … Continue reading

Fasting: No Food for 7 Days

It must have been some time in November 2011 that I decided to not eat any solid food for 7 straight days. I only drank water and tea during that time and performed my daily chores as usual.   Background on Fasting In the weeks leading up to my fast, I had learned that fasting had been used successfully to treat many illnesses in the past. Otto Buchinger, a German doctor who had cured his rheumatism and athritis with a … Continue reading

De-Stressing Via Meditation

Even though I like to write a lot about nutrition and fitness on this website, one realm of biohacking I haven’t written anything about has to do with meditation. Many have probably heard somebody saying how mediation positively affects our cognition, relationships, self-confidence etc. Many have probably heard that meditating regularly calms the mind in today’s lunatic environment of too much information. Many have probably heard that meditation helps to get rid of excess worrying, mental depression, and is a highly … Continue reading

Interview with CriticalMAS

  1) Give us a short bio of yourself and what motivated you to start your own blog at My name is Michael Allen Smith. I’m originally from Ohio, but have since lived in Tampa Bay, the Washington DC metro area, San Diego and since 2007 Seattle. I’ve had a personal website since late 1995, but did not launch CriticalMAS as a “blog” until March 2000. When I launched CriticalMAS, I already had a popular coffee site, which … Continue reading

Hack Your Working Position

Let’s face it – the days where human beings live like cavemen/hunters and engage their bodies physically and move a lot out in nature, are long gone and not likely to return in a comfort-driven technology-oriented culture. Instead most of us Westerners spend their waking hours inside an artificially-lit building, slouched over a desk, staring at a glaring computer screen for hours on end and wondering at the end of the day why we are feeling tense, stressed, and exhausted … Continue reading

Moving to Vancouver, Canada

The Reason I Moved As part of completing my Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, I have just moved to Vancouver last week to work on my Bachelor’s thesis at the ICORD institute. ICORD is a health research centre with research focusing on spinal cord injury (SCI). As part of my project, I will be carrying out a clinical study with people who have SCI. Due to their severe injury, SCI subjects often experience spasticities (=involuntary muscle contractions) in their muscles … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from Traveling

There are many quantitative biohackers in today’s data-driven generation who like to track all kinds variables and trends as best exemplified by the Quantified Self movement. While I like using data to analyse longer-term trends, I am more of a „Qualitative Biohacker“. Rather than rigoroulsly recording all the biomarkers our body provides (e.g. blood results, weight, brain activity, caloric intake, energy level, REM sleep), I like to biohack myself in a more qualitative manner by subjectively judging how my body … Continue reading

My Definition of Minimalist Packing

This post is slightly overdue. I was meant to post this before I left for a backpacking tour through the Balkan region. Anyhow, I want to share the list of items I have taken along with me. I am not a hardcore minimalist traveller who is not like he needs only the clothes he is wearing and a passport to meet the definition of travelling in a minimalist way. With that said, a bunch of trips in the past have … Continue reading

The Maestro of Biohacking

I have learnt a lot about the art of biohacking from the true maestro of biohacking: Dave Asprey, aka the Bulletproof Executive. Since abandoning my vegan forage in January 2012, the information on Dave’s website has been monumental in my successful self-improvement efforts and has provided me with a solid nutrition plan. I was fortunate enough to chat with him for an hour where I was able to ask him anything and gain access to his vast pool of information/experience in … Continue reading