Random Stuff: Vertical Mouse, PangoBright App, Whey Protein

This is a post that details some of the biohacks I have incorporated into my lifestyle in the past few weeks:   1. Vertical Mouse I have been looking to reduce the negative effects of my interaction with the desktop computer. I have experienced some muscular tightness in my right shoulder/neck area. Part of the solution to fix this symptom included changes to my work station. Two weeks ago, I transformed my working station into a Standing Desk. This week, … Continue reading

Discovering the Standing Desk (by accident)

As I write these words I am proudly standing at my new workstation. Having spent the last 2 months literally 10 hours on my butt every day, I got sick and tired of being enslaved to my fancy chair. I had planned to construct a standing desk a few weeks ago but hadn’t had a chance so far. Today by pure coincidence, I discovered that the same desk I have been sitting at for more than two years is adjustable … Continue reading

Hacking Artificial Light with Orange UV Glasses

I spend a lot of time in front of an illuminated computer screen. I am an internet junkie who is addicted to information – I admit it! Being a biohacker, I want to reduce the negative effects of being exposed to too much artificial light and improve the quality my sleep. That’s why I am using Orange UV glasses.   Not All Light is Created Equal Our brain produces a hormone called Melatonin (also known as the „sleep hormone“) that is … Continue reading

Minding Your Mitochondria

I am sure many readers have watched Terry Wahls‘  TEDx talk titled „Minding Your Mitochondria“. For those people who don’t know about it, please take those 18 min to form your own opinion about the video: The message is so important and yet so simple – whole unprocessed food is tremendously powerful. So-called ‚nutrition experts‘ and the media zealots all around us are so skilled in voicing their diametrically opposed opinions about what to eat and what not to eat. … Continue reading

Morning Ritual

Do you have a routine or ritual that you start your day with every morning? Going through a habitual routine right after waking up is an immensely valuable experience. Whatever it is that you’re doing first thing in the morning, adhering to a morning routine deeply ingrained in your lifestyle makes a day much easier to start. Many famed people of the past have had a fixed routine that allowed them to become masters of their craft. Currently, my personal … Continue reading

TEDx – Smart kid tells Monsanto to screw themselves

The 11-year old kid below in the video really has quite something to say. It is a very inspirational speech about how gigantic food corporations directly influence what we put in our mouth and what we can do about it to reject the „Frankenfoods“ they are trying mass-feed us.  If only more adults acted in a way that this kid proposes, people’s nutrition and health wouldn’t be so badly screwed.   His last sentence says it all: THINK LOCAL, CHOOSE … Continue reading

How to Keep Your Body Warm During Winter

With autumn in full swing and winter just knocking on our door, it is getting cold and unpleasant outside. As the sun is cutting down on its sunshine intensity, people are increasingly becoming more sensitive to the coldness and darkness in this period of the year. Many people suffer from seasonal colds, cold extremities, chronic fatigue, depression, and a reluctance to expose themselves to the cold. Last year I also suffered from cold hands and feet despite being inside a well-heated … Continue reading

Podcasts I listen to

Listening to podcasts can be a powerful tool in continuously educating yourself in an area of your personal interest. In my case, I am intrigued with learning more on the topics of health, fitness and well-being. The following list of podcasts are my go-to sources for a wealth of self-empowering information: 1. The Paleo Solution Robb Wolf, host of the Paleo Solution, is a biochemist with an extensive scientific background who addresses listeners‘ questions related to evolutionary diet, strength and conditioning … Continue reading

NEWS: Biggest Time Waster

I used to love the news and spent at least an hour a day being exposed to the information flood of news.  I had subscribed to various news websites, always had BBC and CNN running in the background, got my weekly edition of ‚The Economist‘ and picked up the version of the ‚Financial Times‘ at Uni whenever I could. Sure enough, I improved my English language skills dramatically by reading and watching the news. But this is where the benefits … Continue reading

A traveller’s minimalist workout

Most people love to travel. At the same time, most people also love to have a body that is in top shape. However, sometimes these two goals don’t go well hand in hand. When travelling most people push physical exercise aside and neglect to include brief but effective workouts. There is no reason why you wouldn’t use the world as a gym by performing a „traveller’s minimalist workout“. In this post I want to present some super effective bodyweight (BW) … Continue reading