Go barefoot!

Going barefoot is probably one of the most primal things we humans are designed to do. It activates all the small muscles in the bottom of the human foot and allows hundreds of  nerve endings to function correctly. Walking barefoot distributes the force of your body weight naturally across the feet without the handicap of high heels, plateau shoes, and others. There is no need for the latest running shoes whose heavily advertised shock absorbers are a compromise to what … Continue reading

Get Your Sleep Right

In all honesty, ask yourself: How well do you sleep? Does your sleep give you the mental and physical recovery you need? Do you have a regular sleep pattern? Is your own biological clock working properly? When faced by such questions regarding their sleep most people will probably not be very enthusiastic in their answers. Many will mention a variety of problems that include too little sleep, irregular sleeping cycles, nighttime awakenings, insufficient recovery, and many more. In my opinion, … Continue reading

Quantify your life – how to use numbers the smart way

These days, we are permanently exposed to an incredible amount of digital numbers. Anywhere we go or look, numbers are floating around us like annoying mosquitoes constantly trying to get the most of our attention. People are overwhelmed by a never-stopping stream of statistical data, more colourful graphs and ever more digits flashing up on our online bank account. Don’t let numbers dictate every aspect of your life. Let’s rather use numbers in a smarter way by quantifying only areas … Continue reading