Why Protein is the Only Macronutrient I Bother Counting

Don’t Become a Neurotic Food Weigher Too many books written, too many debates fought, too much time wasted arguing about the most ideal amount/percentage of macronutrients and calories to achieve the most optimal natural muscle growth. For me personally, if I had to count and weigh all the food I consume on a daily basis, I would literally go insane and become clinically OCD about it. I think it makes sense for somebody starting out on a new way of eating to … Continue reading

I Am Officially a Killer – How I Knifed My First Pig

This is the first post of the series on „My Trip to Cuba„.   Besides the small frog I had tortured and killed at my grandma’s country house when I was 8 years old, I haven’t killed any substantially-sized animal in my life. Well, this all changed recently in an far away deep forest in Cuba  when I took the life of a 22-kg pig by stabbing an old rusty knife directly into its heart. Watch the video below if you aren’t too … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Mass Gaining Shake

I thought it would be interesting to share a video where  I present my „Peanut Butter Mass Gaining Shake“ I have been drinking twice daily right after my biggest meals. The rationale with this shake is to create caloric surplus each training day to help your body recover better and grow more muscle. It is often debated forth and back, but I think that food is the ABSOLUTELY number #1 limiting factor why people stall in the gym and don’t … Continue reading

Back to Basics: „Modern Peasant’s Diet“

  I have recently moved to Copenhagen, Denmark to pursue a MSc in „Medicine & Technology“ at the Technical University of Denmark. So far, the city has been wonderful – offering an incredible bike lane infrastructure, charming neighbourhoods with laid-back locals, people with a great taste for fashionable clothes, and supermarkets full of EXPENSIVE FOOD! Check out this cool statistical comparison of prices between Copenhagen and my hometown Berlin to realise that Copenhagen is kind of pricey. Back in Germany, … Continue reading

Homemade Protein Pancakes

I love pancakes – European pancakes. Like those huge thin French Crepes. Ever since I was a child, every single Sunday my mom would prepare those delicious pancakes for breakfast that I would routinely fill with mind-blowing homemade marmelades. Or top them with fresh strawberries + whipped cream and roll them up into a tube and devour up to 10 at a time. Though delicious, my mom’s pancakes are made with white wheat flour and have very few nutrients to … Continue reading

Why High-Fat Low-Carb Diets Suck for Athletes

My thinking on the whole high-fat, low-carb dogma has been evolving very steadily over the last 2 years. Listening to Jason Ferruggia’s brand-new podcast „Renegade Radio„, there is something Jay said that resonated with me:   „A lot of Paleo, Crossfit, low-carb people are very misguided. They don’t understand that there is not that much that has changed about sports nutrition probably since the 1980s. We went through the high-carb, low-fat phase and then there was a complete 180 degree … Continue reading

My 3 Most Favourite Fish

Fish makes up a big part of my protein intake. Most often, I consume fish for lunch. I am not much of a poultry person – e.g. there’s no way I could eat chicken 4 times a week. No matter how well the chicken is spiced up, the inherent and interesting flavour of fish is a lot more appealing to my taste buds. In this post, I want to share my 3 most favourite fish – based on their taste … Continue reading

6 Week Fat Loss 2014: „Lean & Jacked Program“

Time to get ultra ripped & lean. As I mentioned in my previous post, Winter Sleep Is Over – Time to Ramp Up Your Conditioning, warm weather is returning and summer time is about to strike. Over the winter I worked hard on building my physique and ate food ad libidum like an unstoppable tractor. This food destruction lifestyle culminated in my bodyweight shooting up to 88 kg (193 lbs) at the beginning of March. However, as the warm season forces … Continue reading

Biohacker’s Primer of Choline

[This post first appeared on Purenootropics.net] Why would the performance-seeking crowd of biohackers care for a little known nutrient by the name of choline? Are there any cognitive benefits to be had from ingesting higher than average choline?   What is Choline? Choline is part of the B-Vitamin group which is critical to the integrity of healthy cell membranes and plays a vital role in preventing liver disease and atherosclerosis [1]. More than that, choline is possibly at its most … Continue reading

Current Breakfast Recipe

A lot has been said about the health benefits of Intermittent Fasting (IF). From an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense to go without food for extended periods of time before you finally hunt down a source of food. Since going Primal/Paleo at the beginning of 2012, I have been doing IF on most mornings for much of 2012 and 2013. I would have my last meal around 9 PM the night before and not eat until noon the next day. Generally, … Continue reading