Results After 5 Weeks Without Dairy

I decided to go dairy-free for 30 days on 20 Sep 2013 – more than 5 weeks have passed ever since. During that time I slipped only once – enjoying luscious dairy ice cream in Seattle. Other than that, I was pretty strict with myself and generally didn’t find it too hard to avoid dairy. I guess this is due to the poor dairy quality in Vancouver as well as the unwillingness to pay galactic prices for higher quality dairy … Continue reading

My Current Supplement Regime

In this time and age, it is difficult to get all essential nutrients that constitute to a healthy body & mind exclusively from the diet one consumes. I know many will argue that the right kind of diet is able to provide all of these nutrients in sufficient quantity. Maybe that was true 500 years ago. However, in the last few decades there have been so many environmental factors which have altered the nutritional profile of our foods in a … Continue reading

Slow Cooker – Cooking While You Sleep

Almost 3 weeks ago, I have taken on  my first real day-job (i.e. 9-5). Ever since moving to Vancouver, I have gone through many lifestyle changes and adjustments. One of the significant changes I have experienced is that I am not able to be home during the day and cook up my own delicious food – a thing that I love doing. Millions of working people don’t have the option of creating their own meals during the day – so … Continue reading

30 Day Dairy-Free Experiment

Since the beginning of January 2012, my thinking about nutrition has been greatly influenced by the principles of the Paleo/Primal/WAPF/Bulletproof movement. I didn’t follow any of these concepts specifically but more or less mixed them all together in one bag and picked the dietary guidelines I could stick to most easily and which gave me the best health and performance outcomes. This resulted in a personalised diet which suited my needs and wants. What is most common among these movements (except … Continue reading

5 Most Frequent Foods in My Diet

I have been contemplating which foods I most frequently consume in my diet these days. I wanted to become aware of the foods which are at the core of my nutrition and build its basic foundation. This seems rather important considering that these foods make up the bulk of my daily calories. Often, people will tell you that a particular health food is part of their diet (e.g. salmon) but they neglect to mention that they only consume salmon once … Continue reading

Salad is SOOO Overrated

Almost anybody will tell you that you should eat salad because it’s healthy and has got important vitamins in it. REALLY???   Modified Atmosphere Packaging I love hearing that piece of advice from people who eat just whatever. They are the ones who usually go for the convenient pre-cut salad mix in the supermarket and think they are doing a healthy food choice. Most of them don’t realise that the salad leaves have been sitting in the plastic bag for … Continue reading

Rice Cakes & Carb-Autoregulation

Avoiding Gluten For the most part, I (mostly) don’t eat gluten-containing breads, pastas, pastries, cakes etc. These so-called „foods“ have a very poor nutrient per calorie profile (i.e. nutrient density), contain way too many carbs and gluten’s allergenic potential messes up people’s digestive tract pretty badly (most people don’t even notice that). Personally, I know that whenever I consume gluten-containing products I get slightly bloated and worst all end up contaminating my environment with harsh gases. However, growing up in … Continue reading

Ditching Teflon for Ceramic

People who like to cook appreciate the value of non-stick cookware. However, it has become mainstream knowledge that non-stick pans with a Teflon coating (i.e. polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE) emit non-visible toxic polymer fumes when overheated at temperatures >350°C. In addition, everyone using Teflon cookware probably knows that they shouldn’t be using the convenience of their fork or spoon to stir their food in order to avoid scratching of the Teflon surface. For me Teflon constitutes too many negative aspects.   Ditching … Continue reading

If you don’t have it at home, You won’t eat it

People often complain that they simply cannot stop eating certain unhealthy foods. Their craving for these foods is very strong and often times people seem to have built up an emotional connection to these foods that is hard to surrender. They unconsciously view these foods as comfort foods that they can revert to when they need a mood boost. One trick that has helped me avoid eating such crappy foods is simply not to have any of them in my home. This … Continue reading

Kombucha Brew

Rather than buying pill-form probiotics, I like to get my gut bacteria by getting healthy bacteria from fermenting foods. My current ferments include: Sour milk from raw milk ‚Sauerkraut‘ from fermented cabbage Milk Kefir from kefir grains New to this list of fermented foods is – KOMBUCHA    Essentially, kombucha is a slimy-like mushroom that feeds of sugar. When you cover the Kombucha in a highly sweetened tea (I use a thin black tea) and leave to ferment it in the … Continue reading