Minding Your Mitochondria

I am sure many readers have watched Terry Wahls‘  TEDx talk titled „Minding Your Mitochondria“. For those people who don’t know about it, please take those 18 min to form your own opinion about the video: The message is so important and yet so simple – whole unprocessed food is tremendously powerful. So-called ‚nutrition experts‘ and the media zealots all around us are so skilled in voicing their diametrically opposed opinions about what to eat and what not to eat. … Continue reading

Stop convincing people

No matter how hard I try to convince my family and friends to adjust their diet and exercise regime to get more visible results for their lifes, my time spent to convince them is usually pretty wasted. I can spend hours outlining the benefits of eating higher quality foods, the benefits of HIT resistance training, talking about the importance of circadian rhythms – most of the time it’s all in vain. The arguments I bring behave like rubber balls that … Continue reading

Thermodynamics – Applied to the body

In the past few months I have learnt a ton about the how the body’s metabolism works and how smart nutrtition can help you achieve the body composition you want. Probably my biggest source of information has come from Kiefer at dangerouslyhardcore.com. I was listening to his recent BioJacked podcast where he discussed in which way the first and second of law of thermodynamics apply to determining your body’s basic metabolism (i.e. adding & losing weight etc). I found it … Continue reading

Meats – Name your Organs

I am lucky to have access to an incredible animal farm that’s located just outside Hamburg, Germany. When I buy my raw milk, butter and joghurt from there, I always indulge in the creamy and natural high fat content of their dairy products – just delicious! It always reminds me of my childhood years at my grandma’s in Poland where I would go to the neighbours to bring back a bucket filled to the rim with wonderful tasting milk. Anyways, … Continue reading

TEDx – Smart kid tells Monsanto to screw themselves

The 11-year old kid below in the video really has quite something to say. It is a very inspirational speech about how gigantic food corporations directly influence what we put in our mouth and what we can do about it to reject the „Frankenfoods“ they are trying mass-feed us.  If only more adults acted in a way that this kid proposes, people’s nutrition and health wouldn’t be so badly screwed.   His last sentence says it all: THINK LOCAL, CHOOSE … Continue reading

Podcasts I listen to

Listening to podcasts can be a powerful tool in continuously educating yourself in an area of your personal interest. In my case, I am intrigued with learning more on the topics of health, fitness and well-being. The following list of podcasts are my go-to sources for a wealth of self-empowering information: 1. The Paleo Solution Robb Wolf, host of the Paleo Solution, is a biochemist with an extensive scientific background who addresses listeners‘ questions related to evolutionary diet, strength and conditioning … Continue reading

Cut out the grains & vegetable oils

I have cut out grains and any refined vegetable oils out of my diet and I haven’t never felt better before. In addition, after two years of being a vegan I started eating huge amounts of grass-fed butter and consuming high-quality animal protein with lots of saturated fat in it, my health improved dramatically. I have cured my dental caries, don’t have cold hands and feet anymore, have better skin, have build solid muscle mass and look much, much more healthy … Continue reading

Strategic Overfeeding + Ketosis

The massive meal below shows the amount of food I ingested roughly an hour after lifting heavy. This meal consisted of 1kg of white potatoes, 500 g of Brussel sprouts (which are in season now), and a juicy piece of lamb tenderloin. I topped this meal with my favourite treat after a workout: 500 ml of organic Vanilla ice cream. Now, this may seem like a lot of food. But with my goal of bulking up to 85kg, a sufficient calorie … Continue reading

Don’t listen to people, listen to your own body

In today’s age of internet where millions of people share their opinions on all kinds of topics, it is pretty easy to get lost and confused amidst this overwhelming flood of different opinions. In particular, when it comes to health & fitness more and more people struggle to find what is the most optimal solution for them from the internet’s vast pool of information. This phenomenon culminates in a paradox: never before in modern history have we had so much … Continue reading

Super Nutritious Meal

I love being creative at cooking. I also love taking photographs of food that I created. I don’t follow any rigid recipe templates – I like to experiment with food ideas that pop up in my mind. However, I definitely have my favourites – and this is one of them for sure! ROASTED SWEET POTATOES + GRILLED SARDINES + SAUTÉED SPINACH  This meal is really simple to make and does not take more than half an hour to be ready … Continue reading