Genetic Testing: 23andMe Results

A while back in Vancouver, I ordered 23andMe‚s genetic testing kit for $99. I just received my results and want to discuss some of the findings here. Let’s start with the bad news first:   Health Risks These are some interesting insights that I didn’t exactly predict. I am not so worried about the Type 2 Diabetes. I have a basic knowledge on nutrition and I am quite confident I will be able to stave it off by keeping my … Continue reading

Interview on

A few weeks ago, I did an interview with Michael from We connected because we like to write about similar topics in our blogs. I paid him a visit in Seattle and we had a blast foraging through farmer’s markets, getting superwired on caffeine and ranting about fellow bloggers. He asked to do an interview with me and here is the final product: Interview with Stephan Raczak of   Thanks for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy reading … Continue reading

Coaching with Rick Kaselj to Fix My Pain

Who Is Rick Kaselj? A few days ago I had the privilige to get a one-on-one coaching session with Rick Kaselj. For those who don’t who Rick is – he is a Kinesiologist and one of the most well-respected Injury Specialist in the fitness industry. He is considered to be among the top guys when it comes to specifically treating rotator cuff injuries. On his website, he has released a ton of helpful e-books geared toward tackling specific injuries. His emphasis … Continue reading

De-Stressing Via Meditation

Even though I like to write a lot about nutrition and fitness on this website, one realm of biohacking I haven’t written anything about has to do with meditation. Many have probably heard somebody saying how mediation positively affects our cognition, relationships, self-confidence etc. Many have probably heard that meditating regularly calms the mind in today’s lunatic environment of too much information. Many have probably heard that meditation helps to get rid of excess worrying, mental depression, and is a highly … Continue reading

Hack Your Working Position

Let’s face it – the days where human beings live like cavemen/hunters and engage their bodies physically and move a lot out in nature, are long gone and not likely to return in a comfort-driven technology-oriented culture. Instead most of us Westerners spend their waking hours inside an artificially-lit building, slouched over a desk, staring at a glaring computer screen for hours on end and wondering at the end of the day why we are feeling tense, stressed, and exhausted … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from Traveling

There are many quantitative biohackers in today’s data-driven generation who like to track all kinds variables and trends as best exemplified by the Quantified Self movement. While I like using data to analyse longer-term trends, I am more of a „Qualitative Biohacker“. Rather than rigoroulsly recording all the biomarkers our body provides (e.g. blood results, weight, brain activity, caloric intake, energy level, REM sleep), I like to biohack myself in a more qualitative manner by subjectively judging how my body … Continue reading

Scanadu Scout – Towards A Personalised Medicine

Just stumbled across this beautiful little medical device by the name of „Scanadu„. What the Scanadu allows you to do is to get an instant reading of your body’s vital biomarkers (i.e. blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen levels, heart rate variability) – all of which can be easily tracked on your smartphone’s Scanadu app. That is some seriously cool shit!! I have written about Personalised Medicine before and the post revolved more about new exciting medical services that are pushing personalised … Continue reading

Mastering Procrastination

Being Aware of Your own Procrastination I procrastinate a lot. It usually goes like this: I wake up in the morning with this idea fixed in my mind that today I am going to be super productive and get a lot of important stuff done. I will skip breakfast (I like to fast in the morning to burn through some excessive bodyfat), inject a well-brewed Aeropress coffee into my system and kick off my work – in THEORY. In reality, instead … Continue reading

The Maestro of Biohacking

I have learnt a lot about the art of biohacking from the true maestro of biohacking: Dave Asprey, aka the Bulletproof Executive. Since abandoning my vegan forage in January 2012, the information on Dave’s website has been monumental in my successful self-improvement efforts and has provided me with a solid nutrition plan. I was fortunate enough to chat with him for an hour where I was able to ask him anything and gain access to his vast pool of information/experience in … Continue reading

Best Massage Therapist: Lacrosse Ball

Many experts in the realm of fitness are emphatic about using lacrosse balls as a tool to reduce muscle adhesions and relieve trigger points. Today I welcomed my first lacrosse ball at my doorstep. I was really excited to give it a try. To say I was blown away by its positive effect on my body would be an understatement. I felt incredibly loose and incredibly mellow after rolling on it.   Working My Way From Head to Toe First … Continue reading