20 Chin Up Challenge: Visualisation

For people who are familiar with my 20 Chin Up Challenge announced back in October last year –  neither did I hit 20 chins by 1 December 2012 nor have I complete the challenge to this date. I have plateaued at 15 reps with nothing left in the tank. Since last October I have added 2kg of muscle mass – not a whole lot but a change in bodyweight. Experts agree that bodyweight is probably the most important factor that … Continue reading

„Jiro Dreams of Sushi“

Thanks to Tim Ferriss‘ film recommendation in his newly released book „The 4 Hour Chef„, I watched the documentary „Jiro Dreams of Sushi„. Based on 85-year old sushi master Jiro from Japan the documentary offers a fascinating insight into his work ethics and his path to mastery. Jiro’s quest for perfection coupled with his decade-long dedication to preparing sushi has left a deep impression on me. Learning from Jiro’s passion and reading about other masters (see: Robert Greene’s „Mastery„),  there seems … Continue reading

Spinal Cord Injury – Is it curable?

Today’s medical world considers spinal cord injury (SCI) in humans to be an incurable pathology. How is SCI caused? It is primarily caused by a severe trauma to the spinal cord where neurons and nerve roots in and around the spinal cord are damaged (i.e. disconnected completely or incompletely). Depending where the damage is located in the spinal cord, the patient will have lost any function below the injured area. This means that all motor and sensory control of the … Continue reading

Expanding Your Comfort Zone

“You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”   Crossing the border: Comfort Zone –> Growth Zone It is fair to say that virtually everyone has experienced that feeling recently. We are confronted with a new challenge that forces us out of our comfort zone to enter a place where we feel insecure and at discomfort. If we decide to leave our cosy little comfort zone in search of this … Continue reading

EEG + tACS = Brain Stimulation

As of the beginning of this September, I am now working at the Institute of Neurophysiology at Hamburg’s University Medical Center. I am part of the EEG lab team where I am assisting in carrying out EEG brain measurements on study patients. Once the measurements are taken via a complex collection of electrodes placed on a hood-like cap, it is my job to analyse the raw data and eventually draw conclusions. EEG: Explained Before I go further I want to … Continue reading

Let’s take a nap – shall we?!

We have all been there: In the early afternoon phase from roughly 13:00 – 16:00 our energy is low and tiredness kicks in. We may have loaded our bodies too many carbohydrates for lunch with the negative effect of our blood sugar level fluctuating wildly and leading to the classic mid-afternoon slump. Whether it’s the shitty food we consumed or simply a bad night’s sleep causing our tiredness, this may be fixed taking a short but powerful POWER NAP. The … Continue reading

tDCS – Revolutionary Brainhacking Tool

This brain-hacking technology may literally seem „mind-blowing“ but it may prove to become one of the most effective techniques to boost your brain performance: tDCS stands for Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. It is a technology that has been known among neuroscientists for more than a century and is only now regaining popularity. tDCS was first used as a clinical therapy to ease depression. These days, scientists are making use of tDCS to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease and related neurodegenerative … Continue reading

Find People Smarter than Yourself

Recently, I came to appreciate the crucial value of being in the company of people smarter than myself. It is necessary to have exposure to those kinds of people when looking for new inspirations in our life. Not only does our learning curve of a particular skill accelerate during their presence but they also serve as unique role models to us. Automatically, you will be attracted by how they approach a problem or a exhibit a skill in a way … Continue reading