Still Bulking + Creative Christmas Workout

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I am back with a BAAMMM!!!

I apologise for not posting much for the last month. I had been very busy with my uni exams and bartending work. However, amidst all this, I still had training and diet high up on my list of priorities. I am still in bulking phase with my bodyweight up at 88 kg. Obviously, I am not as lean as during my cutting phase during summer (I am probably around 12% bodyfat at the moment). It doesn’t matter so much – that’s what winter is for.

One lesson I have finally learned is that you can’t put on serious mass and expect to be perfectly lean at the same time. I am not saying you have to blow up to 20% bodyfat to increase your bodyweight, but that Greek-god definition in your abs will have to a backseat for a few months. I will continue bulking until April or so and then get back to roughly 9% bodyfat again for the summer.

Winter Bulk Brooo – 88 kg (194 lbs)

Anyways, with Christmas time upon us, I really hope everybody is winding down and having a chill time with close family around. I am staying at my grandma’s place in Krakow, Poland. Given the excellent food and excessive protein in the form of fish, turkey, and all kinds of meats, I decided to forage into her attic to look for ways to work out.

I am a big believer in using minimal or no equipment to get in a workout. I can’t stand the people who claim that to get in a workout they absolutely need a gym – BULLSHIT!!! If you really want to work out and become better, you will get creative and always find a way. Everybody can find a blank wall somewhere to do handstands, everybody can find a bar or tree branch of some sorts to perform pullups, everybody can elevate their feet on a bed/chair to perform elevated split squats – the list goes on and on.

Below you can view the video I shot right before we had our enormous Christmas Turkey feast. Stimulated some muscle growth and I hope that turkey protein will make my quadriceps explode.

PS: If you don’t have a brother, get one! Feed him well and then use him as your human barbell :)


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