What Constitutes An Ideal Day for Me?

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In the past few days, I have been contemplating what it is that truly makes me happy. Long-term happiness is not achieved by thinking about it. You have to live it. Year by year. Month by month. Day by day. And this is where the vision of my ideal day comes into play.


Here’s the list of elements that are part of an ideal day for me (ideally structured in the order from waking up to going to bed):


1) Move

Engaging my body physically constitutes a major part of my life. Whether it’s going to the gym, bodyweight exercises at home, long hikes, or simply a short walk around the block -movement is quintessential to me being happy.

2) Focus

I like to dedicate specific time blocks during the day to give important tasks my whole focus and attention. This could be reading, writing, thinking, singing etc. The times I am usually most focused is roughly rom 8-11 AM and later in the day from 4-7 PM. Working on a skill and eventually excelling at it also goes into focus time. During focus time I am able to bring my life forward the most.

3) Socialise

I always have a feeling that something is missing in my day whenever I don’t go out into the world to meet new people or friends. Nothing is as stimulating to me as socialising and intellectually engaging with other people.

4) Laugh

As Charlie Chapling once remarked: „A day without laughter is a day wasted.“ I try to live by this credo because nothing is as much fun as laughing uncontrollably with people you are close to. On a sidenote, laughing with other people feels so much better than laughing with an electronic device.

5) Eat

I am a foodie. I like to eat – A LOT and HIGH-QUALITY. Taking the time each day to cook at least one of my meals (especially dinner) and share with somebody else is a very satisfying habit that makes a day complete.

6) Random Noise

Life wouldn’t be half as interesting without all of the random things that we are exposed to each day. Blame it on luck, randomness, or pure coincidence – I love to be exposed to a certain amount of random noise each day to provide enough stimulus for new ideas or concepts.

7) Love

Yes, sex is also part of it. But beyond sex, giving love to the ones close to you through acts of kindness, understanding, and sacrifice is increasingly becoming a big priority of mine each day. I could always do a better job but giving love is also a skill that needs to be practiced day in day out.

8) Breathe

Whenever I feel stressed or restless, I control my breathing. Especially at the end of the day, I like to wind down by dong deep diaphragmatic breaths while exhaling really slowly. Breathing is my form of meditation so to speak where I try to keep my mind blank and not allow random thoughts infest my attention.

9) Reflect

Usually in bed, I ask myself these two questions: „Did my actions today help me get closer to my long-term goals? What could I have done differently in my relationship with other people?“ Taking the time to be reflective of the day is an important tool for me so I can stay true to myself and not get lost in the maelstrom of busy life.

10) Sleep 

8-9 hours of uniterrupted sleep in a dark room with an open window is what works best for me. Asleep before 11 PM is ideal for me but I hardly ever make it by this time. Naturally waking up without an alarm is ideal but not always feasible.


I would love to hear about your list of things that make up your own unique ideal day.

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  • seagull

    Great list. I agree with movement. Just being outdoors also. Taking a moment to stand outside and realize whats around. How beautiful the eaeth is. It helps me to recalibrate and keep the material side of life seeming more insignificant. Having a really great cup of coffee. Eating well. And yes sharing a good laugh with others.

    • http://www.biohacks.net/ Stephan R

      Yes, totally. That moment you experience every once in a while where you realise: „Holy shit, the earth is this place beyond description and I am dealing with this bullshit on my desk.“ That’s where you want to see big pictures again and focus on what’s really (really) important and significant.