Find People Smarter than Yourself

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Rocking the boat

Recently, I came to appreciate the crucial value of being in the company of people smarter than myself. It is necessary to have exposure to those kinds of people when looking for new inspirations in our life.

Not only does our learning curve of a particular skill accelerate during their presence but they also serve as unique role models to us. Automatically, you will be attracted by how they approach a problem or a exhibit a skill in a way that you would not have figured out yourself. These insights lead to a greater appreciation of these people and you will naturally find yourself gravitating towards their methods.

Often, it is their high standard of thinking and mental acuity that challenges our own perception of ideas. We must learn to make use of their superiority to consciously effect the largest improvements in ourselves.

By the way, you do not necessarily have to be in direct physical contact with people smarter than yourself. On the internet you can probably get in touch with a great deal more people whom you find inspiring. There is no problem having your questions replied to by     e-mail even by some of the smartest people out there.  I would even venture to state that some of the people you would find most exciting to know are somewhere out there in cyber space.

In real life it may be a bit daunting at times to identify the right people who will bring you forward the most. Nevertheless, I consider it most valuable to get to know your role model personally to witness their excellence in reality. It is definitely worth the extra effort of searching.

Be aware though. It may take some time but there will probably come a point at which your state of thinking excels that of the person you were once admiring. In these cases the only alternative to further your development is to seek out new role models who will bring you back on the path of personal advancements.

And trust me, you will never run out of people better than yourself. So the upward potential for personal development is almost endless.

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