Get Your Sleep Right

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In all honesty, ask yourself:

How well do you sleep? Does your sleep give you the mental and physical recovery you need? Do you have a regular sleep pattern? Is your own biological clock working properly?

When faced by such questions regarding their sleep most people will probably not be very enthusiastic in their answers. Many will mention a variety of problems that include too little sleep, irregular sleeping cycles, nighttime awakenings, insufficient recovery, and many more.

In my opinion, the overriding cause for all of these sleep disturbances can be seen in the poor social lifestyle most people have adapted. In this lifestyle, the importance of sleep is no longer ranked as one of the highest priorities but rather seen as yet another task on the „To-Do list“.

Are you ignoring the quantity as well as the quality of your sleep? In the midst of our hectic and socially driven lives we seem to forget that sleep makes up ca. 1/3 of our entire lifespan. With today’s life expectancy standing at roughly 75 years in western countries, it is a whopping 25 years that you and I are caught up in the sleeping mode. To get the most optimal outcome out of the remaining 2/3 of your lifetime, consider biohacking yourself by GETTING YOUR SLEEP RIGHT!

Sleep Hacks That Have Worked For Me

  • Getting in bed by 10 pm to wake at 6 am works well for me
  • Switching off computer screens and electrical LED lights one hour before bedtime –> use candle light!
  • Not breaking my sleep pattern by waking up at 7 AM on weekends
  • Using Melatonin and Magnesium supplementation
  • Alternating hot/cold showers 1 hour before bedtime
  • Meditation to calm my mind and forget about worries
  • Better sleeping position by sleeping on the bare floor for 18 months
  • Don’t sleep on a soft mattress –> get a hardcover top
  • Listening to relaxing classical music
  • Reading a few pages of scientific literature sends me to sleep really damn fast
  • Not overeating right before bedtime
  • Ice-cold showers in the morning to kill my sleepiness

Share your own sleep hacks!

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