Go barefoot!

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Going barefoot is probably one of the most primal things we humans are designed to do. It activates all the small muscles in the bottom of the human foot and allows hundreds of  nerve endings to function correctly. Walking barefoot distributes the force of your body weight naturally across the feet without the handicap of high heels, plateau shoes, and others. There is no need for the latest running shoes whose heavily advertised shock absorbers are a compromise to what exist naturally in our feet. Our feet exemplify the most superior shock absorbing system and the tragic thing is: we are not using it.

When your feet are in direct with the earth there is also the added advantage of getting the earth’s negative charge. Most of the time we are electrically insulated from the earth’s surface. This has the consequence that over time this positive charge builds up in our body and leads to low energy levels. In order to balance this unwanted charge, it is vital for your body to absorb enough negative charge from the earth – and this best done walking barefoot.

For more than a year now, I have owned these LEGUANO barefoot shoes. They basically look like regular socks except their soles are made of a durable, wear-resistant rubber-like material. This ensures your feet are protected from sharp objects while maintaining the experience of moving barefoot. The first few days I wore these, my calve muscles we really sore. After years of wearing regular sports shoes and winter boots my legs just weren’t used to walking barefoot for more than a few hours. Wearing these LEGUANOs was like teaching myself to walk anew.

Many people complain about stiff and swollen feet after a day of putting their feet in small confined spaces (i.e. regular shoes). Letting your toes move more freely with no external added pressure, many people could feel more energetic and possibly eliminate some chronic pain in the hip and back area.

Here, Mark Sisson from marksdailyapple.com explain the sundry benefits of dumping your normal shoes:

PS: If you don’t like the desing of the LEGUANO check the VIBRAM FIVE FINGERS. You may have even seen someone wearing these in the public as their popularity is rising fast.

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