Gymnastic Rings Kick Ass

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I have been planning to get a chinup bar and a pair of dip bars for my room. After watching some gymnast’s video I realised I could integrate the chinup bar as well as the dip bars into one single piece of equipment: GYMNASTIC RINGS


Gymnastic rings are freaking awesome – to say the least. I have only tried a handful of exercises but already they feel great. The variety of exercises you can perform on these is almost unlimited. Best part of all, your core strength goes through the roof after some time and you learn to navigate your body’s motion through the air in a very efficient way. Besides, your get to challenge your upper body in a completely new manner which is pretty sure to set off good hyperthrophy (=muscle growth).

Here is a collection of the most common bodyweight exercises performed on rings. If you can pull these off, it probably means you are pretty strong:


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