Developing the Habit of Warming Up Properly

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I like to recall a quote that has stuck around with me that I first heard from Doug McGuff:

„You Win By Not Losing.“


Lots of trainees don’t make the progress they wish to see for the simple reason that they get injured. It sounds so logical on paper: You cannot get better if you are injured! And yet in real life, one might think that a lot of people working out implicitly wait for injuries to occur.

Why? Because they are not thoroughly preparing their body to perform at its highest.

Priming your body and getting into a state where you are truly ready to hit it hard in your workout goes a long way in making sure you are not getting injured and can t keep making progress.

Most people who haven’t gotten injured will scoff at the idea of a thorough warm up. They are like: „Oh well, I never warm up and I have never gotten injured.“ – and they are off to bench pressing 2 minutes after entering the gym. The other camp of people who have gotten injured in the past wish they had taken earlier preventative steps by having a habit of properly warming up.

This is no to say that warm-ups will completely leave you injury-free 100% of the time. But how much smarter is it to have a solid warm-up habit in place rather than maintaining the illusion and hoping that you will stay injury-free in the long run without the habit of warming up properly.

Here’s a collection of past articles that feature exercises I use to warm myself up:

For all those readers who feel inspired to develop a serious warm-up habit for themselves, check out the excellent warm-up routine below. Now that’s what I call a NO BULLSHIT FULL BODY WARM-UP that gets you fired up for working out hard while staying injury free.

List of exercises:

  • Arm circles
  • Full squats with hamstring stretch
  • Side-to-side squat
  • Squat stretch
  • Good morning Yoga Stretch
  • Shoulder Stretch
  • Split Legs Stretch
  • Inverted Bridge
  • Wrist extension/flexion stretch
  • Push/pull routine with elastic bands
  • Band pull aparts
  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Handstand pushups
  • Pullups with scapular retraction
  • Dips
  • Cat shrugs
  • Hip flexor stretch
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