Hacking Your Body Language

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If you think that a conversation is all about the impact of the words leaving your mouth, think again. The power of body language (or non-verbal communication) goes so far that whenever we speak emotionally, ONLY 7% of what we say actually matters (Mehrabian, 1971). This means that 93% of what we say is largely influenced by non-verbal communication – i.e. through our voice of tone and the way we subconsciously convey the message with our body while talking. This is powerful information and yet most of us don’t actively pay much attention to the way our body language influences our interaction with others.

Amy Cuddy’s TED fascinating talk on how „Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are“ is based on the fascinating premise that our bodies change our minds and vice versa.

What I found most fascinating about this talk is to what extent hormonal changes of testosterone and cortisol were positively affected after adopting a „High-Power Pose“ for only 2 minutes. To me this is a truly brilliant biohack.

As confident as Wonder Woman

As confident as Wonder Woman

I have had 4 job interviews this past week alone and it’s astonishing how much more confident I felt after adopting one of the „High-Power Poses“. I felt more grounded during the interviews and I didn’t let uncomfortable questions get me out of balance.

It seemed to have worked out well – I can choose between the 4 jobs.


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