Home Roasting Coffee with a Popcorn Popper

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Motivated by the article from Michael Allen Smith on ineedcoffee.com, I have begun home roasting my own coffee beans using a cheap second-hand popcorn popper. Professional roasters may cringe at the idea of roasting high-quality green beans in a popcorn popper but the popper gets the job done with little effort involved and so far it has produced decent results.

Even though I am a coffee snob, I can settle for slightly less perfect roasted beans knowing that I roasted it myself. The real pleasure of home roasting comes from the act of experimenting with the amount of beans and the duration of the roast – each bean has its own nuances and it’s fun trying to get the perfect taste characteristics out of a batch. Roasting coffee is similar to cooking in that there are infinite ways you can let your creativity flow into roasting coffee – similar to the art of cooking.

Here’s a little video I shot while home roasting some beans on my balcony:


Have a happy new year and may 2014 be filled with outstanding cups of coffee!

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  • http://criticalmas.com/ MIchael Allen Smith

    Welcome to a very rewarding hobby. I started home roasting in 1998 and continue to roast every week, sometimes twice a week.

    • Stephan R

      Thanks for the motivation.