I Am Officially a Killer – How I Knifed My First Pig

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This is the first post of the series on „My Trip to Cuba„.


Besides the small frog I had tortured and killed at my grandma’s country house when I was 8 years old, I haven’t killed any substantially-sized animal in my life. Well, this all changed recently in an far away deep forest in Cuba  when I took the life of a 22-kg pig by stabbing an old rusty knife directly into its heart. Watch the video below if you aren’t too squeamish about seeing the bloody details:

Reconnecting with My Meat

I fucking love to eat meat – especially a loootttt of it! I wasn’t always like that when I was a vegan from Sep 2010- Dec 2011. Anyways, if you have ever had the chance to watch me eat meat, you will have seen me turn full primal mode and let my animalistic predisposition dominate me (most likely due to thousands of years of meat-eating genetic programming). Eating 1 kg of ground beef a day is not unusual for me and I regularly that.

However, the trouble is that most of my meat comes pre-cut and pre-packaged in a plastic box derived from an animal that I have never even seen breathe. By slaughtering my first pig, I had wanted to know what kind of a mental shift it takes to kill a decently-sized animal. I also wanted to learn what the whole procedure feels like to cut open an animal, disembowel it, cut the body into pieces and create a wonderful meal that eventually fed 10 people for more than 2 days.


I must admit that stabbing with the knife wasn’t what I was squeamish about. I felt neither guilty nor did I feel incredibly elated that I had just killed my first pig. What I found more discomforting was the opening of the body and then cutting out the still warm organs. Especially there is something off-putting about handling the intestine filled with „almost- ready“ feces. In the end, I overcame my initial angst of touching and handling the organs. After reviewing my experience I can note that the whole procedure felt weirdly „natural“.


Becoming a Hunter

To summarise my motivation for killing that pig, I like to quote Tim Ferriss who had a similar motivation for killing and field-dressing a deer (an experience he describes in his book „The 4 Hour Chef“):

„I wanted to force myself to reconnect with all of the ingredients that I use, and to procure all of my ingredients outside a supermarket, whether that be foraging or hunting. I want people to be aware of where their food comes from.“

I don’t know exactly when yet but I definitely will acquire a hunter’s license in the coming years. To forego all the bullshit supermarket meat and being able to get meat from wild animals is much more satisfactory, nutritious and healthy. Hence, the killing of my first pig in Cuba has been the first step in providing myself with meat from a non-meat industry source.


Cuban „Merry-Go Round“

If you are interested in how my Cuban host Carlo went about killing a chicken, watch him below for the Cuban version of the „Merry-Go Round“:

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  • http://criticalmas.com/ MIchael Allen Smith

    Great story! Don’t think I could do it.