„The Internet Loves You“ – December 2014

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For this edition, I want to bring your attention to the idea of being consistent in your eating. Let’s assume you have your diet in check and are clear about your food choices. What it boils down to in the end, you still have to go shopping for these foods and consume them on a regular basis if you want to achieve the aesthetic goals you have set yourself – day in day out. However, that’s usually the hardest part where people get negligient and seem to always find excuses.

When people are out of home and don’t bring their own food, they usually display the following attitude: „Ahh, I didn’t bring my own food, so I can either eat something shitty in the city or whatever, I will just miss a meal!“ If you are truly committed to your goals (my goal being to bulk at the moment), then you are not going to allow the above attitude dominate your thoughts.

Don’t Look for Excuses – Just Do What Is Necessary!


The video shows a pro bodybuilder how he prepares his meals (only using a microwave) while traveling. Obviously, you are not gonna go with as much as he does but you get the general idea:

Meals On The Go with Frank „Wrath“ McGrath

Ido Portal – Just Move, London Real Interview – this goes way beyond just Ido’s philosophy of movement

Baddest Motherfuckers Ever – guys  back in the 1940s were more than just muscle

Why I Travel Alone – life’s too short to wait for your friends to finally decide to travel with you. Therefore, do it yourself. (I just booked my flight to Cuba to bike the country for whole of January)

Johnny’s Recovery – watch this man’s journey using the movement philosophy of Ido Portal to rehab his torn pectoralis muscle

What Good Shall I Do This Day?

Get Ready for Ski Season with Kelly Starrett – learn about the biomechanics of skiing

10 Dumbest Diet Myths – zero-fat milk is the most ridiculous food invention ever

Mikhail Koklyaev Interview on Breaking Plateaus and Recovering from Inflamed Elbows – I really like the section on breaking plateaus

The Lessons of Peyton Manning – lessons from one of the most successful NFL athletes ever

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