„The Internet Loves You“ – Feb 2014

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The first month of 2014 is over. It’s time to wrap it up with the February edition of „The Internet Loves You„. I want to start off with an impressive display of skill and strength by a very, very young gymnastics athlete.

1) Learn How to Use Gymnastic Rings – Basic Ring Strength 1

This kid is a machine. Whenever I don’t feel like practicing on my gymnastics rings, I watch this video. Keeps me motivated. The rings are larger than this kid’s head. :)

2) Slepyti.Me – Bedtime Calculator – Find out when to go to bed to wake up fully rested

3) Truth About Post-Workout Nutrition

4) Show Up. Work Hard. Improve.

5) How To Increase Your Chin-Ups

6) „Hack the System“ Podcast – How Ryan Holiday Hacked the Media at American Apparel

7) If You Want to Be Fit, Don’t Buy New Running Shoes

8) Using a Rice Cooker As a Slow Cooker

9) How To Baby Crawl

10) 8 Nutritional Strategies For Those Who Can’t Gain Weight

11) Dentistry with Dr. John Sorrentino: The Root Cause Behind Tooth Decay

12) Top 3 Reasons Women Don’t Lift


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