„The Internet Loves You“ – June 2014

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I was going to be featured in VICE Magazine’s food column MUNCHIES. But unfortunately the author ran out of space, instead dedicating a great portion of the article on Dave Asprey (who I have become very skeptical of). Anyways, still a good article on the biohacking movement:

1) Biohackers Are Turning Meals into Math Across the World

2) Beyond Sugar and Soda: Nutritional Cures for Damaged Teeth

3) Fat loss & muscle gain time lapse: 5 years of diet experiments

4) Vitamin D Infographic

5) Evolution of the Handstand

6) The World is Your Gym

7) FitnessFAQs: Lower Body Strength Workout

8) The Rise of Superman: 17 Flow Triggers

9) Sleep, Body Fat, Testosterone – Can Sleep Duration Impact Fat Mass, Sex Steroid Hormones, and More?

10) There Is No Failure, Only Feedback: What I Learned From The “No Bull Mass Gain” Experiment

11) How to Build up to the Front Lever


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  • Jim

    Nice selection of links. Too bad about the article–it would have been interesting. A confusing part about D.A.’s claims is that he provides different explanations for his results at different times. He has has great energy and requires little sleep because of his diet. No wait, it’s the coffee. But wait, there he is on TV talking about taking provigil. Next, he built muscle without exercise due to his diet. But then, he’s talking about supplementing testosterone. But wait, he actually has been exercising, on his special vibrating machine. With his coffee, other coffee has toxins. But, has he tested the other coffees? No, he hasn’t actually tested the other coffees, that would be very expensive. It’s hard to pin him down and get a clear answer.

    • http://www.biohacks.net/ Stephan R

      Brilliant summary of shit gone wrong :) Just my thoughts.