„The Internet Loves You“ – March 2015

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For the first two months of this year I didn’t post anything for monthly post of „The Internet Loves You“ because I didn’t spend much cyber time on the internet and was traveling instead. However, this month the claws of the internet monsters have dragged me back into the grind and into its maelstrom. Anyway, these are the things I found interesting this month:

One of my favourite powerlifters talks about how „Social Media Takes Over Your Life“. After essentially not having internet for 1 month during my Bike Trip Through Cuba, I completely enjoyed the freedom this gave me to actually interact with real human beings and experience the real world.

How I Learned to Fall Asleep In Under 1 Minute – lots of people seem to benefit from this simple breathing technique to fall asleep very quickly (didn’t work for me)

Exofficio – Men’s Travel Underwear – haven’t bought any of these yet but having just two pairs of underwear for week-long traveling seems like a sweet ultralight packing option

Eat Well (Rather Than Talk About) – you don’t have to post every freaking healthy meal to Intagram or the like to show everyone how incredibly healthy you eat – just eat the damn food!

The Expert in a Year Challenge – For one year, this bloke tried to go from novice table tennis player to becoming a Top 250 player in England – interesting learning curve!

The „Arnold Era“ Diet – the guys in the heyday of bodybuilding used basics, basics, basics to get as big as possible.

Ben Greenfield’s Morning Routine – I don’t take half as many supplements as he does but I don’t like to miss my cold showers in the morning.

The Secret Diet for Gaining Weight – Dave Tate says there are no „hardgainers‘ – only „no-brainers“. His radical approach to gaining weight may not be great for your health – but hell it definitely works. No more excuses to stay small!

How It Pays to Be Big – in this podcast two guys explore the question why you wouldn’t want to be big.

MacGyver Manhood and the Art of Masculine Improvisation – I was always amazed as a kid how Macgyver managed to essentially build a nuclear bomb out of a shoestring, a paperclip, and some piece of wood he had found just seconds before 😉


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