„The Internet Loves You“ – May 2015

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As I am in the process of my 6-week „Lean & Jacked 2015″ cutting diet and nearing the end of the second week, I must admit that I have not been as strict as I would like to be with my eating habits. I have been indulging a little bit too much on the fats still – because well, fats make meals taste good! That’s why I haven’t quite made the fat loss progress I would like to see.

But coming from a bulking phase (lasting since September 2014) that included liberal amounts of fats (butter, cream etc), I just think that I needed almost 2 weeks to re-prime my body and change my food preparation methods to include fewer fats. I am not dieting down for a special day or anything like that, I just want to look more cut without going to mental with the whole dieting thing.

Anyways, as I was perusing through the internet and reviewing some more fine-tuned dieting principles, I stumbled upon this excellent video:

1) How to Get to 6-8% Body Fat


2) George Leeman – 800 lbs Deadlift for 8 Reps – Manliest set I have ever seen – just incredible!

3) Troubleshooting Anterior Hip Pain

4) What is Neomasculinity?

5) Some Practical Thoughts on Suicide

6) Look Like You Lift – Big Back Basics


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