„The Internet Loves You“ – November 2014

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For this month’s theme of „The Internet Loves You„, I want to bring your attention to Cryotherapy. With cryotherapy, a person gets exposed to super low temperatures (around -120 Celsius) for a very short duration. The biggest benefit of this kind of medical therapy is that it lowers inflammation in the body, e.g. in a joint or muscle tissue. There are not many cryotherapy centres around the world, and there is no one near me here in Copenhagen. However, my friend Michael recently visited one in California and you can read about his insightful Visit to the Cryotherapy Chamber

Watch the video below if you want to find out what a cryotherapy session involves and what you can expect from it.

Cryotherapy Chamber, Freezing Cold Thermogenesis in Hollywood, California

Why Adults Can’t Squat Like Babies and Should Stop Trying To

Top 10 Healthy Foods I Can’t Live Without – my list would look very similar

Build Your Morning Habits First

This Beast African Bodybuilder’s Backyard Gym Makes Prison Workouts Look Like Planet Fitness – great example showing you that you DON’T expensive equipment to look jacked

How Long To Nap For The Biggest Brain Benefits

20 Ways to Train Smarter – I especially agree tips #2, #9, and #13

Forage – Katy Bowman is a biomechanist who talks about she uses foraging with her kids to get her „must-do-every-day-list“ covered efficiently.

CIMT Testing: The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Your Heart Attack Risk – I had my CIMT test done a few years ago and it looked very good. Should do one again soon.

3 Tips for Faster Strength Gains – you don’t have to go muscle failure to get stronger; it’s not very efficient either.

Pick Three Things, Now Do Them Well – don’t try to everything at the same time, simplify your plans.

Earn It – nothing given, everything earned.


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  • http://www.paleolifestyle.de Iris Paleo

    Hey, i stumpled upon your blog through primal-state. Jannis also writes about Paleo like I do on my blog http://www.paleolifestyle.de . Since you are from berlin I have a great message: Just around the corner of HALENSEE there is a cryotherapy center … i wanna check it out soon. Cheers, Iris

    • http://www.biohacks.net/ Stephan R

      Schweeeeeeettt!!! Thanks for the tip. Do they have a website?