„The Internet Loves You“ – October 2014

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Human Benchmark – Reaction Time Test – if you perform well in this test, it probably means you had restorative sleep

Just Work – Ross Enamait goes beyond the notion of just sets & reps, as long as you show up, work hard, challenge yourself each time a little bit more, you will become stronger

Science of Steroids – excellent breakdown on how steroids work and what kind of athletes benefit from them

Adam Raw | Ancient Alchemist Breakfast – Mixing home-made raw milk kefir with raw quail eggs makes for a nutrient powerhouse ideal to replace your usual breakfast

Tai Lopez – Live the Good Life | London Real Podcast – not exactly biohacking, but Tai Lopez spews out tons of tips on how to live the good life

Pavlok – The Habit Changing Device That Shocks You – neat little device that facilitates you in changing habits

How Much Sleep Do You Need – the most comprehensive article I have ever read discussing how much sleep you really need

Pressing Up Into a Handstand

Taking short walking breaks found to reverse negative effects of prolonged sitting

How Psychedelics Helped Me Find Spirituality – check out my post on trying out the psychedelic DMT for the first time

Why I Became a Solo Female Traveler

Can You Rewire Your Brain In Two Weeks? One Man’s Attempt…

Handstand Pushup Perfection – I am obsessed with handstands at the moment and training it really hard three times a week, video on my progress coming soon

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