„The Internet Loves You“ – October 2015

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It’s been a while since I put out my last edition The Internet Loves You. Well, better late than never.

The Mr Olympia competition took place a few weeks ago, and incredibly enough 46-year old Dexter „The Blade“ Jackson took 2nd place. Dude is almost 50 freakin years old and still beats all of his younger fellows – that’s unheard of in the history of bodybuilding and big kudos to him.

I have found this video of Jackson where he points out what kind of training style has enabled him to stay injury-free and competitive on the highest level for such a long time:

1) Dexter Jackson Trains Delts 2 Weeks Out – Olympia 2015

„My training style has changed over the years as I got older […] getting away from compound movements and started doing more machine work [and this style of training] has prolonged my career.“


2) Yes Ice Cream is Still Better Than Protein Powder

I have run out of the quaity-proven protein powder I have been using for several years now here in Colombia. I thought about buying some off-the-shelf protein powder here but eventually came to the conclusion that I don’t want to be using protein powder for until I’m back in Europe in January. Instead, I have decided to obtain all of my protein from real food – especially from the cheap high-quality steaks I can get here. Moreover, as my friend Michael points out in his article above, most often ice cream (and more generally extra calories in the form of carbohydrates and fats) are to be preferred by lean male ectomorphs who have a hard time putting on mass.


3) HIT Tabata Intervals on Rowing Machine

My go-to cardio acitivity for the last 10 years has always been cycling. Here on Medellin’s streets, I have decided not to cycle for the simple fact that my life is dear to me. Therefore, I had to find a replacement for all the cardio I was missing by not cycling.

These short intervals on the rowing machines are among the most brutal things I have ever done in terms of HIT training.


4) HIIT Training Rhino Style

If you don’t like HIT on the rowing machine, look for other modalities of HIT. Stan „Rhino“ Efferding showcases his style by doing stair sprints (ower body) combined with pushups and bodyweight rows (upper body):


5) How to Build a Bigger Back

Informative article outlining some of useful techniques such as lighter weights, improving mind-muscle connection, doing more horizontal pulling than horizontal pulling etc.


6) Something Beats Nothing

Just do something, you lazy fuck – and you will still be better off than 90% of people. :)


7) Are Psychedelic Drugs the Next Medical Breakthrough?

Tim Ferriss doesn’t fail to impress with the range of topics he covers in his podcast. Check out this fascinating discussion on how psychedelics could break through into the conventional medical world.

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  • Arthur

    I have a love-hate relationship with Jason Ferrugia.

    I think that article might have cleared the reason why. I bought his MGS 2.0 which is aimed at beginners when I was 19, but since he focus so much on periodization and shit that doesn’t really matter for the 60 kg guy, I made poor gains on it and the progressive overload part of the deal didn’t become clear to me until a year later (with almost zero results).

    So I like the dude and he seems like a smart dude. But I realized he’s writing for the fucked up 45+ male and changes his mind so much. I think that advice on back is solid and ditching the deadlift might be a smart idea.

    Since may this year I’ve been trying to put weight to the bar (and food to the mouth!). It really sunk on my mind that the natural lifter must be able to incline bench 100 kg for reps before complaining about his lack of chest size.

    So while I’ll take his advice into consideration in the future, but for now I’ll stick with the barbell and loading it as much as I can before transitioning to a more BW or HIT approach for longevity.