„The Internet Loves You“ – September 2014

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In this edition of „The Internet Loves You“ I want to start off with Cal Newport’s „deep habit“ of taking the time to plan your week in advance and not getting side-tracked by all the distractions that are thrown at us each day.

1) Deep Habits: Plan Your Week In Advance

2) How I Work: The FAQ

Along the same lines, Brett McKay (founder of artofmanliness.com) shares his work methodology and how he is able to churn out such a wealth of articles making his website a  very viable business.

3) Adam Raw – DIET When Injured (Video)

I already featured Adam Raw’s amazing feats of strength HERE. He recently injured himself very seriously so heavy training is out of the question. However, he shot a video where he talks about what kind of diet and other remedies he uses to biohack himself to better health.

4) Here’s a shot of training motivation (in case you needed that): Weighted Dip Madness

5) Is Refined Sugar Really Toxic?

6) How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

7) Discussion About Anabolic Steroids

8) The Gymnastic Secret to Stronger Abs

9) How I Hit PRs All the Time (And How You Can Too)

10) A New Way to Deadlift – Anderson Squats, Meet Anderson Deads

11) A Gene That Makes You Sleep Less

12) How to Squat More: How I Went From Squatting 175 pounds to 350+ in 16 Weeks

13) Yearning For the Wild

14) Devouring the world – A former vegan who now hunts deer is troubled by what it takes to put food on our plates

15) The Upside Down AeroPress Coffee Brewing Tutorial

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  • http://criticalmas.com/ MIchael Allen Smith

    Glad you liked #15.

    • http://www.biohacks.net/ Stephan R

      Yep that’s definitely a keeper article.