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Janis Budde is the guy behind the German website He has been heavily influenced by the whole biohacking and Quantified Self movement, which is why I was interested to ask him a few questions:


1) Just like I, you are also 24 years old and super passionate about biohacking your overall performance as a human being. Give us a short bio of yourself and maybe you have an explanation on why more and more people in their early 20s are motivated to experiment with biohacks?

Born in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. School and education to design technical assistant. But I have been studying the human body and mind since the age of 14. I was looking for my real passion and completed an NLP trainer training. NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a toolkit that describes the influence of language on our thinking and vice versa. Also we can use our language purposefully to change other persons‘ way of thinking. During this training, I’ve traveled throughout Asia, where I got to know shamans, Ayurvedic physicians, successful business people and first got in contact with biohacking.

The possibilities to experiment with biohacking today are affordable, even for people who earn very little. Where once an expensive medical device was needed, today a cheap tracking tool does the same. Why it is the young people who so early experiment with biohacking I cannot say. But I can well imagine that on the one hand it is favored by the wealth of information on the internet and on the other hand by the desire to reach more in life.


2) Let’s talk about nutrition. You have been influenced by the whole movement of Low-Carb/High-Fat Paleo/Bulletproof. Do you still follow these diet templates and which personal dietary modifications have you included?

I follow this dietary advice so far as to be able to realise my own goals. Especially on days when I am doing mental work, I eat healty fats to feed my brain with enough stable energy to get through the day without a post-lunch energy dip. The Bulletproof Diet is not designed for high performance sport and I just treat it like that, I use the knowledge for a clearer mind. On workout days, I nourish my body with enough carbohydrates for enough energy during the exercises and to optimize the regeneration phase.


3) We both agree that getting sufficient high quality sleep is very crucial. On your quest to engineer your perfect night’s sleep, which biohacks have you found to be most efficacious?

Get your Vitamin D3 drops for this winter

– Reduce Stress to get a better rest.

– Light hacking and using f.lux for the computer to reduce the negative effects of blue light on the body’s melatonin production.

– Get appropriate movement in the day.

– And don’t forget the carbs! When I first tried a low carb diet, I have taken so little carbs to me that I had an extremely poor sleep. This problem was fixed immediately when I started to take more carbs to me. 1 tablespoon raw honey in the evening is sufficient for it.


4) Were there any surprising discoveries about your own sleep that you didn’t expect?

The better I nourished myself, the more pleasant and clearer my dreams became. Before, I was often plagued by nightmares and rather unpleasant dreams. Dreams where you have such bad feelings that you often wake up with this feeling and don’t really know where that stuff comes from. This has changed almost completely – now I often wake up in a good mood and my dreams don’t suck so much energy out of me anymore.


5) What does your daily routine look like? Do you have any special rituals/habits in place that you couldn’t live without?

My morning ritual is incredibly important to me. Here I am preparing for the day and I set what I want to achieve. First, I get up and wash my face first with cold water. Then I sit down for 20 minutes to meditate with a Mind Machine. The Mind Machine is a little device that helps my brain coming into the Alpha State. This is followed up by a brief mobilization and stretching routine. After that, I brew some Bulletproof Coffee and take some supplements. I then drink my coffee with relish and I think about the upcoming day and set tasks for it. 

My evening ritual is almost as important to me as my morning ritual. I want to come full circle on my day and make it complete by reducing stress and coming down slowly. In addition, I relax my mind with the emWave – a small feedback device that tracks my stress in real time and helps me to calm down. After I do that, I go through the day in my mind and jot down important milestones and ask me questions like: „What I learned today? How I came closer to my goals? What I can improve the next day?“


6) How do you manage stress? Any nice technolgies/tools?

At the beginning I have practiced classic meditation – more specifically Anapana meditation. But the use of feedback devices can increase the effect enormously. For this reason, I use the emWave to improve my brain-heart coherence and to reduce the negative effects of stress.


7) Top 5 biohacks to become the best version of yourself.

  • Check your Vitamin D levels
  • Manage your Stress
  • Eat clean and appropriate for your goals
  • Bring your body back in its primal purpose.
  • Quantify yourself


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