Kombucha Brew

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Rather than buying pill-form probiotics, I like to get my gut bacteria by getting healthy bacteria from fermenting foods.

My current ferments include:

  • Sour milk from raw milk
  • ‚Sauerkraut‘ from fermented cabbage
  • Milk Kefir from kefir grains

New to this list of fermented foods is – KOMBUCHA 

Slimy kombucha mother


Essentially, kombucha is a slimy-like mushroom that feeds of sugar. When you cover the Kombucha in a highly sweetened tea (I use a thin black tea) and leave to ferment it in the warm for 8-10 days, the mushroom will have consumed most of the sugar inside the tea. The end result is a slightly fizzy brewage that tastes wonderfully refreshing and has a lot to offer in terms of beneficial bacteria.


Cooking the tea with shit loads of white sugar dissolved in it


Nothing to do – but wait!


Here’s a really useful recipe for Continuous Brew Kombucha. Rather than doing the ‚batch-brewing‘ method of tending kombucha, you simply take out a small amount of kombucha after only a few days and replace it with the equal amount of new sweetened tea. It’s super easy, minimal hassle to clean, and extremely cheap.

These days, white sugar costs next to nothing – on the one hand it’s a tragedy for most people using sugar as a regular sweetener BUT on the other hand my kombucha mushroom is happy to stay nourished and keep producing a probiotic drink for me.

PS: I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure kombucha tastes amazing mixed with some high-quality vodka. Waiting for the weekend. Cheers! 

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