„Lean & Jacked 2015″

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After last year’s first edition of my Lean & Jacked“ program, I am back in 2015 ready to get shredded for this summer season. If you have missed my pictures when I was the leanest I have ever been, check them out HERE. See my article from Christmas time 2014 when I was bulking heavy and pushing towards a bodyweight of 90 kg.

This year, it’s going to be close to 6 weeks of dieting again but this time it goes from 18 May – 25 June.

My starting weight this year is: 87,8 kg (18 May 2015)

In comparison to last year (where I started out at 84.4 kg and dieted down to 80,5 kg), I have put put on almost 3,5 kg of mostly muscle over the course of the year. That’s pretty decent considering I am way past the fast gains a beginning trainee can make in the first year or so.

I have to admit though that during the off-season, the biggest challenge was not the heavy training – it was mostly all of the meal preparation and sustaining a caloric surplus to add some extra bodyweight. I have a very fast metabolism and I am a natural ectomorph, so for me it took double dedication with the eating.

Anyhow, the same diet principles as from last year still apply, and I may just up the protein a little bit this year. Other than that, I will be back with my ‚After pictures and will also give an overview of the things I have learnt during this year’s diet.

These shots were taken on 18 May to give you an idea in terms of my body fat level (~12%) and the the muscle mass (~3 kg) I have added since last year:




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  • Marcel

    Nice that you have beaten those 85 kg! I remember that being quite a pain in the ass for you.
    I guess you are starting this year with around 1% more in fat, but therefore you put on some more meat on that chest.
    Also your legs and lats as well as the lower traps are looking quite impressive again.
    For next year you should be going for the upper traps and arms!

    • http://www.biohacks.net/ Stephan R

      85 kg used to be my magic threshold. For 2016, it’s 90 kg – fuck, there is no stopping it !! :)
      I need to get back to doing more close grip benches because that’s the only exercise that gets those tris and those chicken arms growing.
      How’s you progress, big boy?

      • Marcel

        Muscle-wise it´s looking quite good.
        I have been hitting those lats and my legs quite hard in the first third of the year.
        The only problem is that i have been eating too much cake in the last weeks.
        Luckily I already got down from 86 kg to 83 kg in march 😀
        This week i started some hardcore cutting. Basically no carbs and no fat.
        Just broccoli, bush beans, cauliflower and meat. On the weekend carbs again.

        I guess I will go with it for another week since it is working quite well for me without getting any withdrawal symptoms searching for that carbs.

  • Karl

    Dude, your legs are huge. Nice. How much you’re squatting (5RM)?

    • http://www.biohacks.net/ Stephan R

      I dont know – i never back squat.
      Front Squat my best so far is 100 kg x 5

      • Karl

        Interesting. What’s the reason for that?

        Particularly, I always find myself struggling with front squat. I have to focus so much on my posture and my breathing that my legs end up not doing the work properly.

        Also, you always had calves that big?

        • http://www.biohacks.net/ Stephan R

          I just like front squats more. But i have recently added in back squats as well, usually doing 5 sets of 10 reps in every workout, before I train any other body part. I have noticed my glutes have grown again and generally back squats will bring up your posterior chain a lot.

          Calves have always been big – I won the genetic lottery with them (my dad’s calves are equally big). And I haven’t trained my calves in more than 2 years

  • jord

    Can you please give a sample day of eating and a typical week of training during this time period?

    • http://www.biohacks.net/ Stephan R

      Breakfast: 3 or 4 whole fried eggs, low-fat mozarella cheese, red pepper, a few rice cakes
      Lunch: 300 g lean ground beef mixed with vegetables + 200 g cottage cheese
      Optional Snack/pre-workout: Almonds + kiwi or banana AND 1 scoop whey protein concentrate shake
      Pre-Dinner: Tuna + half avocado + cottage cheese
      Late Dinner: ground beef/turkey/salmon + veggies + rice