Modern-Day Men Are Wimps

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Dimitry Klokov all in rage at those modern-day hipster wimps

It is pathetic how men of the 21st century fade in comparison to the idealisitic ancient Greek image we have of a male human being: strong, sturdy, decisive, ambitious, courageous, and mentally robust. You can add your own adjectives that best describe an alpha male in your opinion. I am not suggesting that every modern-day man needs to display the traits I listed above but too few of today’s men fall into the category of „Real Men“. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me give you some omnipresent examples that can be seen in today’s modern male population:


1. Modern-Day Men Are Physically Weak

Most of men these days live in cities (especially 20-40 year-olds), have never had any experience of working physically on a daily basis, constantly rely on their cars (or public transportation) to get from A to B, sit all day long on their butts in front of a screen, engage in mindless and potentially self-desctructive cardio (e.g. long-distance running or cycling endlessly), are physically weak and probably could not protect their families from harm.

These and many more shortcomings result in men just being weak as fuck! They wouldn’t know how to protect themselves or anybody else if things got really rough.


2. Modern-Day men Are Fat and Have „Man Boobs“ (=moobs)

Walk around any mall or simply sit on a park bench and watch men pass by, it’s hard not to notice how incredibly obese men have become over the past few decades. I am too young to know what men looked like in the past but I am assuming that most of them were mostly lean and relatively well-built due to a good amount of physical labour and a solid diet devoid of modern-day refined goodies.

It is shocking that some men are so fat nowadays that they can’t even play with their own kids without being out of breath after 5 minutes. Men have started to grow „moobs“ due to the aromatising conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This is largely caused by a shitty diet largely based on pizza, breads, sodas, and other prominent „Frankenstein pseudo-foods“. But the environment also plays a huge role with  Men’s obesity causes structural anatomical changes to their bodies and alters their biomechanics in a negative way. Many can’t move efficiently because their bodyweight distribution is so imbalanced leading to pain in the back, neck, hip and knee.


3. Modern-Day Men Wouldn’t Know How To Survive In Nature

This ties in very closely with point no. 1. If modern-day were forced to live out in nature due to their city being destroyed by a natural catastrophe or similar, many of them would simply perish. Most of them would have absolutely no clue on how to provide for food, shelter and safety. The over-reliance on supermarket-bought foods has led to a dramatic disconnect between the food we consume and where these foods actually come from. We are about to face a generation of modern-day men who have never in their life slaughtered an animal to provide nutrition for themselves and their family.


4. Men in their Prime Have a Libido of a 90-Year Old

Unless you are on steroids, most men’s testosterone levels are usually below average. As you might guess, low T-levels are responsible for a decreasing libido in today’s males. Youporn and other erotic internet providers are hyperstimulating a man’s brain and imagination beyond what men have been used to in the past few thousands of years. Gary Wilson talks about this phenomenon in great detail in THIS entertaining Ted Talk. Many young guys are exposed to too much sex-related content early in life which probably has a detrimental effect on libido and fertility in later years.


5. Modern-Day Men Die Childless

I don’t necessarily have a problem with somebody deciding not have children. But when men wish to have children but suffer from infertility and are unable to make a woman pregnant, that’s a whole different story. Unlike in the past where for a man not to have children was virtually unthinkable, today’s males don’t seem to care so much about having descendants. Personally, I desperately want children later in life. For me, having children means that once we die, some part of us becomes immortal as it lives on in the generation of our children and our children’s children. And there’s probably no emotion more satisfying than knowing that (with the help of a woman) you have created a human being.


6. Modern-Day Men Are Sick

 This is directly related to men being obese and weak. Modern-day are dying en masse especially from cardiovascular-related disease at a rate that is unprecedented. Men in the past were sick, too. But the prevalence of modern-day diseases was not nearly as high as today and they were able to withstand the hardships of disease more easily. They had to man up or else they could not return to work which was mostly physical.


Don’t get me wrong – not all modern-day men fall into one of the above categories. They are always exceptions to the rule. But generally speaking, most modern-day men (particularly in Western countries) can simply be characterised as wimps. Obviously, I myself also have some real manly deficiencies which put in one of the above wimp category. However, I am trying really hard to counteract these „wimp factors“ by pursuing the following actvitities:

  • Lift heavy weights
  • Walk as much as I can
  • Get out into nature and hike, camp etc
  • Stick to a clean diet
  • High-quality sleep
  • Plan to have children
  • Keep a healthy sexual relationship
  • Avoid mental stagnation


Future For Males Seems Bleak

What are the chances that modern-day men can leave their wimp status behind and start living like real men in the near future? In my opinion, this is very unlikely to occur given that technology is bound to make our lives even more convenient. This will lead to even less physical activitity and more male obesity. In 1800, only 3% of the world population lived in cities. In 2050, the proportion may move up to 70%. This means that we are increasingly becoming dealienated from experiencing nature. Negative epigenetic factors affect modern-day men as much as they will affect their children (if they have any in the first place). This implies that due to the harmful lifestyle of their fathers, forthcoming children will be worse off than their counterparts from say 100 years ago. I mean, don’t even get me started with the disastrous state that modern-day children are already in. A growing proportion of them are obese, sedentary, and addicted to electronical devices. This is not likely to become better but rather worse.

Much of my critique of modern-day men is also quite applicable to modern-day women who are also obese, sick, inactive, and wouldn’t know how to provide for themselves or their family if nature decided to turn against us. I don’t want to finish on a gloomy note but the reality is that modern-day men and women are performing way below their optimum. The way to change others is to start with yourself. Get going!

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  • MIchael Allen Smith

    Being weak is bad enough, but not even desiring strength is pathetic. Hipsters seem to take pride in their scrawny physiques as if muscle was unfashionable.

    • Stephan R

      I also cant stand hipsters and the like.

      Check this brilliant article by Paul Carter:

      • MIchael Allen Smith

        I think the sole purpose of the hipster beard is differentiate their physique from a pre-pubescent female.

        • Christopher C

          hahahahahaaaaaa! … yaup… you got it… : )

  • Matt

    Good god this is the biggest pile of shite I’ve even read!!! I go to the gym to work out 3 time a weak. I don’t have an ounce of fat on me and I do little strength training. A man doesn’t have to be a meathead!!! It kinda shows how insecure you are about yourself if you think you need muscles to be considered a man it’s really very sad lol

    • Stephan R

      Haha, this comment just made my day. Thanks for taking the time.

      You work out 3 times a weak – WOW!!. that probably explains why you’re still weak. :)
      Hmm, if you don’t have an ounce of fat on you, I can give you some. 8% of my body is made of it.

      I dont think anybody needs to be a meathead. If you read carefully, this is not what I am advocating.

  • indrinita

    Some of the activities you plan to pursue to stay healthy are somewhat contradictory. In particular the following: high quality sleep, plan to have children, keep a healthy sexual relationship. Do you know any parents by the way? They’re usually not sleeping that well, and you can forget about having sex anytime soon. I guess unless you plan on making your mate do all the heavy lifting of parenting and you get all the sleep and sex… In which case good luck with the healthy sexual relationship part.

    • Jennifer McKee Roussin


  • Christopher C

    … blame the lazy mindless girls and their competitive WANT personalities and agendas… and you’re right – they’re wimpy fags and mangina’s and the girls aren’t any better – they’re whores $eling their 3 use a$$e$… so shack up, it’s the end, none of these fuckers know how to actually work as they crybaby and crybully their ways through life… the producers and have’s vs the cunt-Sumers and have nots. Seems some little girl put herself way up there and thinks everybody cares – NOPE. And it’s a long ways down honey… enjoy the ride! : )

  • Hammer

    Dude, that’s alot of truth. I lift weights every morning, whether I’m working that day or not. Yet, it seems almost ‚barbaric‘ to have any amount of muscle, or be anything over 5 foot 7.
    Oh you eat meat? And eggs?????!! How barbaric!!
    Youre over 6 feet tall, and 200 lbs???!!! What a monster!! Dont hurt us!!!! We are so frail and weak and can’t defend ourselves!!
    What a joke. Wake up guys! Lift weights, get muscular, learn to fight!